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How Did They Die Murders in Northern Texas 1892 to 1927

How Did They Die Murders in Northern Texas 1892 to 1927

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 "Someone had to kill him. Since I only have a few more years to live, I thought it better for me to do it, than anyone else," said Mary Whitaker of the murder of her husband on January 28, 1922. ... She had put up with all that she could put up with.Just 22 years old, she had dealt with years of being mistreated and it all came to an end on December 24, 1917. She got the gun that she had taken from her husband and hidden earlier in the day and shot Byron Walsh in the head. ... She had a premonition that something bad was going to happen that night, but she never thought that this would be her last day on earth. Alba Randal Hursh was shot down in the street by her ex husband.Then he turned the gun on himself. Take a step inside "Murders in Northern Texas 1892-1927" and read about 114 different murders that happened during this period of time. You will find yourself loathing some and feeling sorry for others who committed these murders.

Table of Contents

  1. Walker Hargroveand His Gun Fighting History – Montague and Tarrant Co., TX   21
  2. William Foster Crawfordand Elmer "The Kid" Lewis - Bank Robbery in Wichita Falls, TX 33
  3. Hattie Pearl Baxter and A.J. Sanders - Poisoning in Archer Co., TX.. 44
  4. Irl Dycus, J.A. Norwoodand O.W. Robinson– Irl Dycus Found Dead on Railroad Tracks  46
  5. Christopher C. Mills, Arthur Millsand Hiner C. Patton- Axe Murder in Young Co., TX   49
  6. Mike J. and Emma Crowell- Wife Found Dead at Bottom of Stairs in Clay Co., TX 55
  7. Porter Brodieand Pat Smith- Gunfight Between a Saloon Keeper and a Prohibitionist in Montague Co., TX   59
  8. Mrs. Walter Allen and Lillie Wheatley - Shot Husband's Mistress in Wichita Falls, TX 65
  9. David M. Coffey and Sam Burnett - Killed Brother-In-Law in Wichita Co., TX 67
  10. Alvin G. Hard, Harry Brownand Deputy John Staley - Killed Father-In-Law and Deputy in Wichita Co, TX 70
  11. Ed Hardwickand Frank Rembert - Stabbing in Downtown Wichita Falls, TX 75
  12. John Lee Hosch and John Clinton Browning- Killed Brother-In-Law in Wichita Co., TX 80
  13. Frank S. Hursh and Alba Randall Hursh - Shot Wife on Streets of Wichita Falls, TX 84
  14. Charles Morganand Jim Jones- Shot Man               in Electra, TX on Christmas Day  90
  15. Jesse Fletcherand Jessie Burkleo (Burklow) - Killed Niece's Husband in Randlett, OK 92
  16. Milton J. Kingand Essie Marie Glasscock- Young Girl Poisoned in Clay Co., TX   96
  17. William J. Haynesand Simeon Burton Parker- Killed Neighbor in Wichita Falls, TX   99
  18. John Beal Sneedand Albert Gallatin Boyce, Sr.- Killed Father of Wife's Lover in Ft. Worth, TX   104
  19. Mack Taylorand Willis T. Chiles- Killed Brother-In-Law in Holliday, TX   117
  20. Samuel Burk Burnettand Farley P. Sayers - Killed in Hotel Men's Room in Paducah, TX 119
  21. Sterling Whiteand Beulah Lee- Shot Former Fiancé at a Party in Clay Co., TX   128
  22. Ernest Davis and John and Jeff Loyd - Teenage Boy Killed With Pipe in Clay Co., TX 131
  23. John Beal Sneedand Albert Gallatin Boyce, Jr.- Husband Killed Wife's Lover in Amarillo, TX   133
  24. Robert Cobb Jr. and Sam Carter- Prominent Son Killed in Bar in Wichita Falls, TX 143
  25. Henry McCauleyand Sid Thomas- Prominent Son Killed in Alley in Wichita Falls, TX   145
  26. Sterling B. Morris and Emmett B. Cox- Police Officer Kills Fellow Officer in Downtown Wichita Falls, TX 147
  27. Abner Leonard Boardand Arnold and Phillip J. Bruce- Former Sheriff Killed in Baylor Co., TX   150
  28. Norwood Gatesand Kate "Cassie" Pate Gates - Husband Shot His Wife and Then Self in Wichita Falls, TX 153
  29. Charles P. Yearyand Albert L. Jackson- Former Constable Killed in Wichita Falls, TX   156
  30. J.W. Roberts and Ira Black- Preacher Kills Son-In-Law in Montague Co., TX 160
  31. Alvin McCauley "Cauley" Gillespie and Jesse Monroe Murphy - Man Kills Sister's Fiance in Clay Co., TX 162
  32. Delmar Stearmanand Ira Moore- Man Stabs Friend in Wichita Falls, TX   165
  33. Vanis L. Caseand Hugh Irby- Night Watchman   Kills Man in Electra, TX   168
  34. George Thomas Cherryholmes, John "Pat" Carlton, Eugene W. Fry, Lesley "Pete" Fry, John Lischke, Riley Dollins, Ed Johnsonand Rufus Todd- Courthouse   Robbery Goes Wrong in Young, Co. TX   170
  35. Ralph Foster Reynoldsand Thomas M. Grisham - Shooting at Furniture Store in Electra, TX 179
  36. Harvey F. Riggs and Mattie Branch - Man Poisoned in Wichita Falls, TX.. 181
  37. Lorene Shaw and Oscar P. Scott- Woman Killed in Red Light District in Wichita Falls, TX 184
  38. Sam Holland (Hollon) and Josh W. Battle - Man Killed Doing a Good Deed in Wichita Falls, TX 187
  39. Sheriff William Lewis Ellisand Stephen Brown - Sheriff Killed By Escaped Prisoner in Baylor Co., TX 191
  40. Thomas Curan Hollanderand C.E. Williams- Father Killed By Daughter's Boyfriend in Wichita Falls, TX   196
  41. Joseph J. "Red" Mitchell, Joel B. Reed, George Douglas& Will Mitchell- Series of Murders in Knox Co., TX   199
  42. James G. Wrightand Jordan Alexander "Jay" Wilson - Teacher Killed By Student in Clay Co., TX 208
  43. William G. and Leander Alfred (Alford) Smith - Father Killed By Son in Clay Co. TX 211
  44. Tom Wareand May Murrell- Farmer's Wife Killed By Ranch Hand in Clay Co., TX   214
  45. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Covert- Wife Kills Husband in Wichita Falls, TX.. 217
  46. Sam L. Carter and Lon Pink Hammond- Bar Fight Turns Deadly In Wichita Falls, TX 221
  47. Byron and Florence Walsh - Wife Kills Husband on Christmas Eve in Burkburnett, TX 224
  48. Rufus Coatesand Zella Faulk- Young Girl Brutally Murdered By Jealous Boyfriend in Tarrant Co., TX   229
  49. John C. Mountand Ed Isaacs- The Carnival Turns Tragic in Wichita Falls, TX   237
  50. Enos R. Greenwood- Killed in Car By Unknown Man in Ft. Worth, TX.. 241
  51. Lucille Duncanand Jesse Harris Brown- Married Man Upset Over Loss of Girlfriend in Wichita Falls, TX   244
  52. William S. "Steve" Bell and James and Myrtle Gafford- In-Laws Kill Each Other Over Marriage of Their Children in Foard Co., TX.. 246
  53. Charles Samuel Johnson and P.H. Karr - Young Man Killed By Greek Immigrant in Wichita Falls, TX 253
  54. Stephen Lafayette Stringfellow and Rembert Thomas Tatum - Husband Kills Wife's Former Husband in Wichita Co., TX.. 256
  55. John Hamiltonand Lloyd Graham - Two Men Shot By Police Officers in Wichita Falls, TX 259
  56. Sidney E. Millerand Frank Logue- Oil Field Fight In Wichita Co., TX.. 262
  57. Sewell Fieldsand John Reagan- Man Kills Best Friend In Wichita Falls, TX   264
  58. William F. Suddathand Mack Perkins- Man Kills Highway Robber in Clay Co., TX   268
  59. Allen Mansfieldand Carl C. Spence - Drinking Party Turns Deadly in Wichita Falls, TX 270
  60. Archie Martinand Joe Torris- Hit and Run Leaves Young Boy Dead in Wichita Falls, TX   274
  61. Benjamin F. Allisonand Dick Hamilton - Postmaster Robbed and Killed in Charlie, Clay Co., TX 278
  62. Thomas Abscher, Raymond Flemingand Roy Shelton- Robbery of Night Watchman in Wichita Falls, TX   282
  63. John Flippinand Clay Hodge- Nephew Shoots Uncle Over Estranged Wife in Wichita Falls, TX   284
  64. William Marvin Caple, William Sherrod Toneyand Houston Columbus Snow - Two Special Deputies Killed By Gambler in Wichita Co., TX.. 286
  65. John Whitmanand Vernon Darby- Evening Out With Date Turns Tragic in Wichita Falls, TX   293
  66. Charles M. Wagnerand John William Webb - Police Officer Kills Annoying Neighbor in Wichita Falls, TX 297
  67. Otto H. and Henry J. Toussaint - Son Kills Father and Escapes Prison in Wichita Falls, TX 301
  68. August E. Berlin, Heine Jackson, George Bland - Drunken Night in Oil Fields Turns Deadly in Wichita Co., TX 308
  69. Loma Conn and William "Shorty" Penrod - Girl Kills Boyfriend at Picture Show in Iowa Park, TX 312
  70. Jack Hollingsworthand Arthur Clark Carpenter - Argument Turns Into a Shooting in Wichita Falls, TX 315
  71. Lambert Brannon and Chester Smith- Escape From Police Ends in Shooting in Bridgetown, Wichita Co., TX 319
  72. Neal and Victoria Etter Fuson - Husband Kills Wife and Then Himself in Wichita Falls, TX 322
  73. George H. Gentryand Dan Bennett - Recluse Robbed and Killed in His Home in Wichita Falls, TX 324
  74. Robert H. Taylor and Luster "Lon" Griffin - Former City Marshall Killed in Burkburnett, TX 327
  75. Oneta Whiteand J.C. Hampton- Halloween Night Hit and Run Near Iowa Park, TX   330
  76. Alonzo "Lon" Sullins and Aaron Hester- Overtaken By Robbers in Clay Co., TX 333
  77. James C. Berryman and John H. Bivens - Throat Cut From Ear to Ear in a Wichita Co., TX Rooming House 336
  78. Raymond H. and Noma Earl Young Andrews Underwood - Woman Kills Husband in Wichita Falls, TX 339
  79. John Adolphus and Mary Cotton Whitaker - Woman Kills Husband While He Sleeps in Wichita Falls, TX 341
  80. James Oliver Colvinand Thomas R. Shook - Former Police Officer Killed By Police Officer in Wichita Falls, TX 344
  81. Eddie Lewis Phelan and Johnnie Lee Fuller - Night of Drinking Turns to Murder in Clay Co., TX 348
  82. Joe Scott, Mary Belle Leachand Benjamin R. Crow - Father Upset Over Boy Dating His Step-Daughter in Childress Co., TX.. 351
  83. Bud Ballewand James W. McCormick- Police Chief Kills Former Deputy Sheriff in Wichita Falls, TX   353
  84. William and Ena Saylor and Robert Fletcher- Car Wreck, Explosion and Murder? in Archer Co., TX 361
  85. Joseph D. Turner and Wayne Adams - Man Killed With a Biscuit in his Hand in Newton, Wichita Co., TX 366
  86. Wood Barton, Claud B. Berry and John Beal Sneed- A Shooter Kills a Fighter in Cottle Co., TX 370
  87. Ida Jennie Bell and George A. DeMoss - Married Woman Kills Lover in Electra, Wichita Co., TX 381
  88. Perry C. Stroud and P.A. Tate - Charged With the Murder of a Living Man in Childress Co., TX 385
  89. Major W. Leon Culberson and Morton C. Lamar - Killed Wife's "Man Friend" in Wichita Falls, TX 389
  90. Frank H. Zimmerman and Elisha Newton Fears - Shooting in Oil Field in Archer Co., TX 394
  91. Benjamin Alonzo Gulledge and Kate Budd Gulledge - Man Upset That His Son Would Not Sign Legal Papers in Montague Co., TX.. 398
  92. Jim and Mack Robinson - Son Kills His Father Over Divorce Dispute in Young Co., TX 400
  93. Perry Pickett and Earnest Williams - Fired Cotton Picker Killed by Boss in Wilbarger Co., TX 406
  94. Carl F. Kinnamon and Frank Suddath, Jr. - Night Watchman Kills His Boss in Clay Co., TX 409
  95. Addie Maxwell and Pearl Whiteside - Woman Kills Her Husband's Mistress in Childress Co., TX 414
  96. Sheff H. Melugin and Robert Earnest Andrews - Murder at a Filling Station in Archer Co., TX 419
  97. Luther Newton and Robert Sheets - Ex Husband Kills Wife's New Husband in Wichita Co., TX 423
  98. Robert Fletcherand Lewis A. Snider - Suspected Murderer Killed In Archer Co., TX 426
  99. Wesley Ashmore and M.T. Williams - 13 Year Old Boy Killed in Robbery in Wichita Falls, TX 431
  100. Alice, Wilburn and 5 Year Old J.L. Crick - Murder/Suicide in Young Co. TX 438
  101. Hugh Riley, Jr. and Herbert Griffin - Property Line Dispute Leads to Murder in Archer Co., TX 440
  102. William Buford and Blanche Moore Harrison - Murder/Suicide in Wichita Falls, TX 445
  103. J.B. Watson - Unsolved Murder in Wichita County, TX.. 446
  104. Frank and Lorenzo Noel, Ryan Adkins and Walter Latour Milstead - "Black Terror" Serial Killers in Dallas Co., TX 448
  105. Bertha and Christopher Columbus Wade - Woman Kills Cheating Husband at in Burkburnett, TX 458
  106. Charles E. and Robert Lee Glenny - Son is Shot by Father While Trying to Protect Family in Clay Co., TX 460
  107. Mayor Frank Collierand Elzie "Buster" Robertson - Mayor Kills Son-In-Law in Wichita Falls, TX 464
  108. Robert and Emma "Bessie" Whitfield - Man Kills Wife and Hides Her Body in Bushes in Wichita Falls, TX 476
  109. Jesse Elijah "Bud" Swayze and James Levi Marshall - Man Murdered Over Loose Cows in Wichita Co., TX 484
  110. William J. Glasscock and John J. Stokley - Lewd Remark to Man's Wife Results in Murder in Wichita Falls, TX 490
  111. Herbert Griffin and Elijah "Lige" Griffith - Acquitted of Murder But Feared By Many in Archer Co., TX 493
  112. Elijah H. Ikard, Frank Looney and Charles Crabtree - Cigarette Thieves Shoot Sheriff in Archer Co., TX 499
  113. James, Jasper W. and John E. Ellis - Son Upset Over Father's Will in Devol, OK 508
  114. The "Santa Claus" Robbery in Cisco, Eastland Co., TX.. 509
  115. Accidents, Injuries and Suicides                      Collected While Researching Murders  533

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If you live in Wichita Falls, TX, my books can be found at Pickers Universe, 1000 Indiana Ave. and Heritage Antique Mall at 914 Indiana Ave. 


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