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How Did They Die? Murders in Northern Texas 1926-1975

How Did They Die? Murders in Northern Texas 1926-1975

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If you live in Wichita Falls, TX, my books can be found at Pickers Universe, 1000 Indiana Ave. and Heritage Antique Mall at 914 Indiana Ave. 

"How Did They Die? Murders in Northern Texas 1926-1975," is the second in the series for author Julie Williams Coley. Follow 40 murder cases that were so heinous, many of the convicted received the death penalty. Many of the stories are well known legends throughout the North Texas area. This book is a great companion book to "How Did They Die? Murders in Northern Texas 1892-1926,"

Table of Contents

Katie Goodman and William M. Hoover - Married Man Kills Married Woman Over Jealousy in Wichita Falls, TX   1

Tom Shook, William "Oscar" Daugherty and James D. Martin - Former Wichita Falls and Electra Police Chief Kills Man in Electra and Tennessee on Crime Spree. 9

Floyd Newton Byrn, Rosa Schirra and Myra "Peggy" and Clara Juergens - Chauffeur Kills and Dismembers Three Women in San Angelo, TX.. 19

Richard David Burnett and Eddie Hedgcoth - Fun Dance Party Turns Deadly in Iowa Park, TX.. 24

Joe Shield and James, Alice and Opal Shield - Estranged Husband Kills Wife and In-Laws in Brookesmith, TX   28

Eugene Farrar and Ray Lunsford - Man Found Burned to Death in Car in Dallas, TX.. 34

Richard Johnson, Richard Brown, Ted Nodurft and Vera Smith - Man Gunned Down and Fianceé Assaulted in Wichita Falls, TX.. 44

Laura Bernice Clayton, Paul and Coy Oakley and Sherman Clayton - "Laying of Hands" Religious Healing Turns Into Murder in Cass County, TX.. 50

Augustus "Dwight" Beard and John R. Roberts - Retired Dallas Police Officer Killed by Career Criminal from North Carolina. 57

Lilly Myrtle Huckabee Gorden and Ellen and Bessie Gorden - Despondent Mother Kills Her Daughters and Then Herself in Electra, TX.. 67

Wilma Harrison and Cora Harvick Matthews Hawthorne - Woman Kills Husband's Mistress in Popular Department Store in Wichita Falls, TX.. 70

Ruby Britain and Horace Nichols - Jealous Woman Kills Married Man Because He Was Seeing Other Women Other Than His Wife. 76

Charles S. Richardson and Son Elga Richardson - Father and Son Quarrel Over Money in Olney, TX   82

Annie Lankford and Ollie Tipton - Woman Shoots Man in the Groin After a Night of Drinking in Vernon, TX   88

Clarence Duncan, Mary Jones and G.H. Jones - Man Kills Wife and Sets House on Fire and Later Kills Former Employer and Dumps Body in Lake in Sweetwater, TX.. 91

William Roswell Robbins and Grace Lena Musgrave Robbins - Murder/Suicide in Wichita Falls, TX   97

Maude Austin Hefley and Fred L. Johnston - Obsessively in Love, a Man Kills a Woman in Wichita Falls, TX   99

Emery Moss and Larue Ralph Moss - Husband Distraught Over Wife's Infidelity, Shoots and Kills Her While She Hid in a Closet in Wichita Falls, TX.. 104

Wade L. Allison and Robert H. McFarlane - WPA Supervisor Killed in Altercation With Former Employee in Burkburnett, TX.. 112

Velma Williams Patterson and Dorothy Leon and Billie Faye McCasland - Mother Is Charged With the Murder of Her Daughters in Sulphur Springs, TX.. 117

Clarence Abston, Clarence Matura and Friends Involved in Several Murders - Herschel Melton Burned and Elderly Rebecca Coursey Beat to Death in Haskell County, TX.. 122

Frank Salazar and the Paul P. Kennedy Family - Man Kills Husband and Wife, Bashes in the Heads of Their Two Daughters and Kidnaps Their Oldest Daughter in Tom Green County, TX.. 128

Corinne Maddox and Brooks Coffman - Man Stabs Woman - Later She Blows Him Away in the Streets of Dallas  135

Arlin Reese and Lizzie Gold Rhinehart - Man Kills Common Law Wife While She is in Labor in Mexia, TX   140

Hulon and Mary Cordia Berta Lee Mauldin - Husband Kills Wife on 10th Floor of Hamilton Building in Wichita Falls, TX   150

Kirby Alexander Keel and Joe B. Moore - Capt. With Wichita Falls Police Dept. Kills His Violent Son-In-Law in Wichita Falls, TX.. 154

Gertrude Combs and Mack Carter - Crazed Ex-Husband Shoots Wife in the Back As They Walk Out of the House Together in Wichita Falls, TX.. 156

Marlin Camp and Irvin Goodspeed - Newspaper Carrier Brutally Killed by Ex-Con in Montague County, TX   161

Elbert, Lessie and Woodrow and Clayton Rushing - Heads Bashed in With a Flat Iron in Jasper County, TX   167

Billie Joe and Ruth Morphis Breeden - Husband Strangles Wife in Ft. Worth, TX and Can't Explain Why  171

Raymond Daugherty and Raymond Morrow - Fight Over Cussing in Front of a Lady Leads to a Fight in Electra, TX   174

Ben and Lafon Lankford - Prominent Son of Wichita Falls Pioneer Drugs and Shoots Ex-Wife in Wichita Falls, TX   178

Thomas Houston Gibbons, Thomas Coy Saucier and David Beck - Mental Patient is Stomped to Death In State Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX.. 184

Beatrice "Bea" Crowson and Sam Bourland - Woman Gunned Down By Angry Neighbor in Wichita Falls, TX   189

Horace Robinson and Arnold Thom - Jilted Lover Kills Common Law Wife New Boyfriend in Wichita Falls, TX   193

John P. Hunter and Elva May Adams - Husband Kills Wife and Leaves Her In House For 5 Days While He Sleeps On the Couch in Wichita Falls, TX.. 195

Cecil J. Byrd, Arthur McClain and John Preston Beard - Sheppard AFB Police Rob Business and Kill Owner in Wichita Falls, TX.. 198

Gertie Marie and Gus Cavet Along With Sheriff Ham Vance - Woman Kills Husband and Has an Affair with the Sheriff of Wichita County, TX.. 203

Bobby and Abbie Burns - Most Famous Murder/Suicide in Wichita Falls, TX.. 212

Jim Keith, William Pinson, Clyde Burns, Alton Fanchier, Jr., & Lonnie Dale Loyd - "Witches Gate" Ghost Story - Burglary and Murder in Clay County, TX.. 219

All books will be autographed, but if you would like a personal message added, please e mail me at after you place your order and I will be glad to dedicate it to someone special!

If you live in Wichita Falls, TX, my books can be found at Pickers Universe, 1000 Indiana Ave. and Heritage Antique Mall at 914 Indiana Ave. 

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