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A History Of Clay County, Indiana On CD

A History Of Clay County, Indiana On CD

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Travis, William, A history of Clay County, Indiana : closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people, institutions, industries and wealth New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1909, 1223 pgs. Vol. I. Chapter I. Location, organization, area, altitudes, soils, etc. Vol. I. Chapter II. Subdivisions of the county Vol. I. Chapter III. Indian occupation, relics, etc. Vol. I. Chapter IV. Early settlements and pioneer notes Vol. I. Chapter V. County seat, court house, relocation, etc. Vol. I. Chapter VI. Pioneer and infant industries Vol. I. Chapter VII. The National Road Vol. I. Chapter VIII. Wabash and Erie Canal and Feeders--Reservoir War Vol. I. Chapter IX. The Railroad Era Vol. I. Chapter X. Eel River--Its tributaries, fords, ferries, floods, drifts, mills, bridges, improvements, etc. Vol. I. Chapter XI. Educational Vol. I. Chapter XII. The Clay County Press Vol. I. Chapter XIII. Literature and invention Vol. I. Chapter XIV. Agricultural societies, fairs, etc. Vol. I. Chapter XV. Clay county's mail service Vol. I. Chapter XVI. Brazil as a village Vol. I. Chapter XVII. Brazil--Town and city Vol. I. Chapter XVIII. Towns and villages of Clay county Vol. I. Chapter XIX. Settlement of Bee Ridge and institution of the Pioneer Church Vol. I. Chapter XX. Theological discussions Vol. I. Chapter XXI. Passing of the saloon traffic. Vol. I. Chapter XXII. Civil lists of county and townships Chapter XXIII. Population Chapter XXIV. Something about women Chapter XXV. Clay countians abroad Chapter XXVI. Memoirs of leading and familiar home people Chapter XXVII. Necrology Chapter XXVIII. Military Chapter XXIX. Disastrous powder and boiler explosions Chapter XXX. Hurricanes and cyclones Chapter XXXI. An oil field on the border line Chapter XXXII. Rural churches Chapter XXXIII. Four hundred reminiscences Vol. II. History of Clay County Index

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