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A. N. Ruley's History Of Brown County Kansas On CD

A. N. Ruley's History Of Brown County Kansas On CD

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Ruley, Andrew Newton, A. N. Ruley's history of Brown County Hiawatha, Kan.: The Daily World, 1999, 422 pgs. All things had a beginning Before Settlement The Kickapoos Coming of the white man: 1854 1856,1857 First 4th of July Celebration The first mail route 1857 items First county court house, 1857 1858,1859 The Civil War period: 1860 to 1870 Another pioneer story Advent of newcomers 1870 to '80: 1870 Early funeral fracas 1871,1872 Stories about Indians Typical pioneers A sale relic printed in world Feb., 1917 The mills Smoking chimneys 1873 The first gun club The story of defalcation 1874 The grasshopper plague 1875 The hatched-out crop A wonderful escape 1876,1877 The hoppers returned 1878 Present court house of 1879 The first court house, 1858 1879 The progress made Enterprise and building boom period from 1880 to 1890: 1880 A booming time 1881,1882,1883 Little events of 1883 1884 Some historical brevities Story of artesian well 1885,1886 The year 1886 added progress 1887 Hiawatha water works General historical notes Story of the gas plant 1888 The Hiawatha Academy The country creamery The first electric light 1889 Story of A.J. Comstock Town and county adjustment period--1890 to 1900 1891,1892 A double tragedy The lynching 1893 Brown County buffalos 1894 M.S. Smalley's exit The Pullman adventure 1895,1896 The reserve tornado 1897,1898 Removal of freight division Spanish War soldiers 1899 The new century--new decade: 1900 1901,1902 The first automobile 1903,1904,1905,1906 Coming of the pheasants 1907 Progress of the auto 1908,1909 Record breaking snow A Hiawatha centenarian Ten years smooth sailing: 1910 Another Hiawatha centenarian 1911 The tornado of 1911 1912,1913 A corn crop failure 1914,1915 This was a wet year 1916,1917 Story of the beer club Early hard-up story Water spout and tornado The bench and the bar The county fair Old Chaw-Ke-Ka

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