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A History Of Rowan County, North Carolina On CD

A History Of Rowan County, North Carolina On CD

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Rumple, Jethro, A history of Rowan County, North Carolina : containing sketches of prominent families and distinguished men, with an appendix Salisbury, N.C.: J.J. Brunner, 1881, 527 pgs Title page Front matter Rowan County. General description. Chapter I The Aborigines. Chapter II The first European settlers. Chap. III Organization, boundary, &c. Chapter IV The first court The Court House built. Chap. VI Early settlers in Salisbury. Chap. VII Charter regulations. Chap. VIII Religion and churches, with a resume of the parish laws. Chapter IX The Indian wars, schools--Social life. Chapter X "The Regulation." Chap. XI Causes of the Revolution. Chap. XII Members of the Provincial Congress. Chap. XIII Moses Winslow and Alexander Osborne Rowan County Committee of Safety. Chap. XIV Military affairs. Chap. XV Gen. Green and Lord Cornwalis in Rowan County. Chap. XVI General Greene in Salisbury. Chap. XVII Revolutionary incidents. Chap. XVIII The first years of peace. Chap. XIX Gen. Washington's visit to Salisbury. Chap. XX Families living on the Yadkin River one hundred years ago. Chap. XXI Distinguished men in Rowan. Chap. XXII Old families of Rowan. Chap. XXIII The War of 1812--'14. Chap. XXIV African slavery. Chap. XXV Folk-lore. Chap. XXVI The churches of Rowan. Chap. XXVII Lutheranism in Rowan. Chap. XXVIII The introduction and growth of Methodism in Rowan County Episcopacy in Rowan County German Reformed Church The Baptist churches of Rowan Back matter Index. History of Rowan County

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