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A Sketch Of Every Soldier From Catawba County, North Carolina On CD

A Sketch Of Every Soldier From Catawba County, North Carolina On CD

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Hahn, George W. The Catawba soldier of the Civil War : a sketch of every soldier from Catawba County, North Carolina, with the photograph, biographical sketch, and reminiscence of many of them, together with a sketch of Catawba County from 1860 to 1911 ... Hickory, N.C.: Clay Print. Co., 1911, 394 pgs. Front matter Catawba County The German element in Catawba's population The great awakening Agricultural progress from 1861 to 1911 Communication Transportation The Catawba veteran as a churchman Education in Catawba County The homes and home life of Catawba County 1865-1911 The poultry industry of Catawba County Manufacturing in Catawba County The City of Hickory Newton, N. C. Maiden Lenoir College, Hickory, N. C. Historical sketch of Catawba College Claremont College Concordia College and Conover, N. C. "Catawba Rifles" Company A. 12th Regiment Co. F. 23rd N. C. Troops Company F. 23 Regiment. Officers Company C, 28th Regiment Volunteers Companies E and F, North Carolina troops Company K, 35 Regiment C, Troops Company F. 38th Regiment Company K, 46 North Carolina Regiment History of Company I., Forty-ninth North Carolina Regiment 55th Regiment Company E., 57th Regiment 72nd Regiment, Company E, North Carolina Volunteers Scattered list The Spanish-American War "Standing by the stuff" Addendum in honor of the women of the Civil War Back matter

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