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A Biographical History Of The Great Men Of The West On CD

A Biographical History Of The Great Men Of The West On CD

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Title: A Biographical history, with portraits, of prominent men of the great West City of Publication: Chicago, Ill. Publisher: Manhattan Pub. Co. Date: 1894 Page Count: 724 Notes: "Illustrations in steel." The greater part of the work is devoted to residents of Chicago. Includes index on [3] p. at end. Lyman G. Gage, Samuel E. Gross, Dr. Boerne Bettman, John Anderson, Walter Cyrus Arnold, Charles Patton Craig, Thomas B. Bryan, Joseph Arthur Coram, Andrew J. Cooper, Albert L. Coe, O.W. Crawford, John Cudahy, Elmer Babcock, M.D., Francis T. Colby, Joseph Forrest Cass, Humphrey Barker Chamberlin, John V. Clarke Jr., W. Franklin Coleman, Lester L. Bond, Thomas Brenan, George Phillip Bay, Charles Adams, M.D., Daniel Hudson Burnham, John Buehler, Wallace Campbell, Henry T. Byford, Cornelius K.G. Billings, Francis Marion Drake, John Comstock, Theodore W. Burdick, Joseph Dean, John P. Davidson, Josiah Lee Dabbs, Louis Bruni, Albert F. Dickinson, Seneca D. Kimbark, James R. Doolittle, George Harrison Barbour, William Rush Marriam, Joseph Bond and many many more! These are just a few of the many names mentioned in this 724 page book!


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