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A Brief History Of The Town Of Glocester, Rhode Island On CD

A Brief History Of The Town Of Glocester, Rhode Island On CD

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Perry, Elizabeth A. A brief history of the town of Glocester, Rhode Island : preceded by a sketch of the territory while a part of Providence Providence: Providence Press Co., printers, 1886, 136 pgs. History of Glocester The war for independence Land advertised to be sold in the western part of Glocester The Federal Constitution The War of 1812 Division of the town in 1806 Roads Lotteries Villages Hills Rivers and ponds Secret societies Banks Military Manufacturers, business men and farmers Early religious privileges The Dorr war Miscellaneous Schools Societies Graveyards The friends Business men in 1885 Graduates in Brown University Professional men Baptist Meeting House and Society in the village of Chepachet Baptist society and Sunday school Episcopalians Congregationalists Library Ornithology Botany Geology Freemen Families in Glocester in 1774 Taxpayers in Glocester in 1885 Justices of peace in Glocester Deputies from Glocester during the colonial period Representatives to the General Assembly from Glocester Senators and representatives in the general assembly under the constitution Town officers Back matter Index

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