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A History Of Crawford County, Indiana On CD

A History Of Crawford County, Indiana On CD

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Pleasant, Hazen Hayes. A history of Crawford County, Indiana Greenfield, Ind.: W. Mitchell Print. Co., 1926, 652 pgs. Table of contents Front matter Chapter I. Early history Chapter II. Fredonia Chapter III. Leavenworth Chapter IV. Pioneer days of the twenties Chapter V. The county in the thirties Chapter VI. The county in the forties Chapter VII. Alton Chapter VIII. Early roads Chapter IX. Roaring fifties Chapter X. English Chapter XII. Education Chapter XIII. The terrible sixties Chapter XIV. The Civil War Chapter XV. The seventies Chapter XVI. The county in the eighties Chapter XVII. Chapter on education continued Chapter XVIII. English after the war Chapter XIX. The county in the nineties Chapter XX. Marengo after the war Chapter XXI. Crawford County in later years Chapter XXII Chapter XXIII. Odds and ends Chapter XXIV. Campaign of 1918 and 1920 Chapter XXV. Politics in Crawford County Chapter XXVI. Who's who from Crawford County Back matter General index


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