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A History Of Jefferson County, West Virginia On CD

A History Of Jefferson County, West Virginia On CD

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Bushong, Millard Kessler. A history of Jefferson County, West Virginia Charles Town, W. Va.: Jefferson Pub. Co., 1941, 453 pgs. Chapter one. Natural features Chapter two. Early days Chapter three. The Revolution Chapter four. James Rumsey and the steamboat Chapter five. Aspirations and incidents, 1790-1800 Chapter six. The Jeffersonian era Chapter seven. The new Nationalism, 1815 to 1840 Chapter eight. The eventful forties Chapter nine. Ante Bellum days, 1850-1861 Chapter ten. The John Brown raid Chapter eleven. The John Brown trial and execution Chapter twelve. The civil war Chapter thirteen. The civil war (concluded) Chapter fourteen. Virginia or West Virginia Chapter fifteen. Reconstruction Chapter sixteen. New interests and outlooks Chapter seventeen. The rural free delivery Chapter eighteen. The new century Chapter nineteen. Recent years Biographies of prominent former residents Footnotes Bibliography Appendix A. Rolls of soldiers Appendix B. The forty-niners Appedix C. Affidavit of Captain John Avis, the jailer, as to association with John Brown and concerning taking Brown from the jail to the scaffold on the day of his execution Appendix D. List of Jefferson County officials Footnotes for appendices Index


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