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A History Of Monroe County, West Virginia On CD

A History Of Monroe County, West Virginia On CD

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Morton, Oren Frederic, A history of Monroe County, West Virginia Staunton, Va.: McClure Co., 1916, 557 pgs. I. Local geography II. Discovery and exploration III. Early settlements IV. Three wars with the Indians V. Monroe in the Revolution VI. Pensioners of the Revolution VII. Monroe under Greenbrier VIII. Records of twenty years IX. Surveys and patents X. Early land conveyances XI. Formation of Monroe XII. A farm home in 1800 XIII. Monroe from 1799 to 1861 XIV. Records of seventy years XV. War and reconstruction XVI. Annals of the war of 1861 XVII. A war diary XVIII. From 1872 to 1916 XIX. The colored element XX. Towns and villages XXI. Summer resorts XXII. Highways and railways XXIII. The Baptist Church in Monroe XXIV. The Presbyterians of Monroe XXV. Rehoboth XXVI. Methodism in Monroe XXVII. Other churches and the fraternities XXVIII. The schools of Monroe XXIX. Journalism and literature XXX. Farming and other industries XXXI. The militia system and officers XXXII. Monroe as seen in a tour XXXIII. Family names XXXIV. Genealogic and biographic notes XXXV. The soldiers of Monroe Back matter Index

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