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A History Of Pendleton County, West Virginia On CD

A History Of Pendleton County, West Virginia On CD

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Morton, Oren Frederic, A history of Pendleton County, West Virginia -Dayton, Va. :: Printed and for sale by Ruebush-Elkins Co.,, 1910, 519 pgs. The Beginning of Settlement Period of Indian War A Time of Peace Pendleton Under Rockingham Early Laws, Customs, and Usages Formation of Pendleton Early Middle Period--1788-1818 Later Middle Period--1818-1861 Slavery in Pendleton Period of Interstate War Recent Period Church, School, and Professional History The Town of Franklin The Pendleton of To-Day The Nature of Family-Group Histories Illustrative Family-Group Sketch Given Names and Surnames Index to Names of Pioneers and Sub-Pioneers Origin, Arrival, and Location of the Pioneers Sketch-Histories of Existing Families Certain Extinct Families Other Extinct Families Recent Families Highland Families Edmund Pendleton Naturalizations of Pioneers The Lincolns of Rockingham Journalism The Masonic Order Law, Order, and Charities Franklin in 1844 A School of 1830 The Bennetts of Other West Virginia Counties Bounties on Predatory Animals Prices of Store Goods in 1820 Church Buildings and Ministers County Offcials before 1865 County Officials Under West Virginia The School Districts of 1846 Pendleton Men in the Professions Surveys and Patents Prior to 1788 Some Conveyances of Land Prior to 1788 List of the Tithables in 1790 Supplies for Military Use, 1775 Supplies for Military Use, 1782 Citizens Exempt From Military Service in 1794 Militia Districts, Companies, and Officers Muster Roll of Pendleton Militia in 1794 Pendletonians in Military Service between 1775 and 1861 Pendletonians in the War of 1861-Federal and State Service Some Accounts of the Regiments of the Confederate Service Containing Pendleton Men Roster of Pendleton Men in the Confederate Service


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