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A History Of Spartanburg County, South Carolina On CD

A History Of Spartanburg County, South Carolina On CD

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Anonymous A History of Spartanburg County Spartanburg, S.C.?: Band & White, 1940, 318 pgs. Chapter one. Blockhouses and settlements Chapter two. Spartans in the revolutionary struggle Chapter three. The making of Spartan County Chapter four. Spartan District, 1800-1825 Chapter five. The courthouse village Chapter six. The Old Iron District Chapter seven. Looms and spindles Chapter eight. Doctrines and dogmas Chapter nine. Schools and learning Chapter ten. The prosperous fifties Chapter eleven. Social life in the old days Chapter twelve. Secession and war years Chapter thirteen. Political cross-currents--1865-1868 Chapter fourteen. The union league and the Ku Klux Klan Chapter fifteen. The Banner District of democracy--1868-1876 Chapter sixteen. Rails and expansion Chapter seventeen. Social life during reconstruction Chapter eighteen. Plows and progress Chapter nineteen. The Tillman era Chapter twenty. "Spartanburg, city of success" Chapter twenty-one. Education and the arts Chapter twenty-two. Preparations for war Chapter twenty-three. The Twenty-Seventh Division at Camp Wadsworth Chapter twenty-four. The year 1918 Chapter twenty-five. Demobilizations and memories Chapter twenty-six. These latter days Bibliographical notes Index

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