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A History Of The Town Of Middlefield, Massachusetts On CD

A History Of The Town Of Middlefield, Massachusetts On CD

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Smith, Edward Church, A history of the town of Middlefield, Massachusetts Menasha, Wis.: Priv. print., 1924, 700 pgs. Chapter I. The Middlefield ridge and the two valleys Chapter II. The Mohican hunting ground Chapter III. The migration to the Berkshire Hills Chapter IV. The pioneers and their trails Chapter V. The Hill-towns in the revolution Chapter VI. Organization of the new community and church Chapter VII. The period of isolated farming Chapter VIII. Early farmhouses and their builders Chapter IX. Factory village, the center and "The Switch" Chapter X. Mid-century Middlefield. 1815-1870 Chapter XI. Building during the industrial period Chapter XII. The floods and the industrial decline Chapter VIII. Middlefield in the first quarter of the Twentieth Century Chapter XIV. History of the Middlefield churches Chapter XV. Middlefield personalities and traditions Appendix A. History of Prescott's Grant Appendix B. Documents connected with the history of Middlefield Appendix C. Division of land in Middlefield Appendix D. Town offices and representatives Appendix E. War records Appendix F. Origian of Settlers Appendix G. Growth and decline of population in Middlefield Appendix H. Bibliography Appendix I. Notes and genealogies of pioneer families Index of names

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