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A Series Of Monographs Concerning The Lincolns And Hardin County, Kentucky On CD

A Series Of Monographs Concerning The Lincolns And Hardin County, Kentucky On CD

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McMurtry, R. Gerald A series of monographs concerning the Lincolns and Hardin County, Kentucky Elizabethtown, Ky.: Enterprise Press, 1938, 138 pgs. Front matter Contents Thomas Lincoln. 1776-1851 The Elizabethtown-Lincoln cabin site Sarah Lincoln The stepmother of Abraham Lincoln Christopher Bush. Hardin County Constable Zachariah Riney. Lincoln's first school teacher Education advantages during Lincoln's residence in Kentucky Lincoln--Elizabethtown marriage contacts Lincoln and the Edwards Family Lincoln and John B. Helm A traditional story of Lincoln and John L. Helm Lincoln and Ben Hardin Helm General Ben Hardin Helm--Elizabethtown's forgotten hero Lincoln--Haycraft letters Lincoln--Haycraft correspondence 1860 An important Lincoln letter Lincoln and the Haycrafts Duff Green--Elizabethtown citizen Lincoln, Green, and Buchanan. Three former Hardin County residents in national politics in the year 1860 Lincoln and Duff Green April, 1865 Lincoln and the Wintersmiths The Matrix. An historical novel of the Lincolns and Elizabethtown The interest of the Lincolns in the breeding and racing of horses Elizabethtown lawyer---subject of sketch by Washington Irving William P. Duvall in Elizabethtown Captain Spier Spencer's riflemen, "The Yellow Jackets" Gilbert Imlay in Hardin County Jacob VanMeter, Senior John James Audubon in Hardin County and Elizabethtown James Buchanan in Kentucky, 1813 Elizabethtown's first patriotic celebration---1807 An historical letter concerning the 1840 Elizabethtown fair Jenny Lind's tour of Kentucky, April, 1851 Ward murder trial Stirring events of the Civil War in Elizabethtown and Hardin County Residence of Gen. George A. Custer in Elizabethtown, 1871-1873 A miscellaneous collection of historical facts A summary of facts concerning the Lincolns in Hardin County

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