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Pawtucket, Central Falls, Rhode Island  On CD

Pawtucket, Central Falls, Rhode Island On CD

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Grieve, Robert An illustrated history of Pawtucket, Central Falls, and vicinity : a narrative of the growth and evolution of the community Pawtucket, R.I.: Pawtucket Gazette and Chronicle, 1897, 553 pgs. Contents Front matter Portraits and biographies Introductory: The scope and intent of the book Chapter I. Physical characteristics--the river--William Blackstone--The Aborigines Chapter II. The acquisition of the land Chapter III. The first settlers Chapter IV. The rise of the industrial community at Pawtucket Falls Chapter V. The villages and neighborhood at the beginning of the century Chapter VI. The coming of slater and the era of cotton Chapter VII. The factory system--aspects of and changes in social conditions Chapter VIII. The utilization of the water power Chapter IX. Land travel and building of highways--wayside inns--traffic on Pawtucket river--deepening of the channel Chapter X. The achievement of political unity and the coalescing of the two Pawtuckets Chapter XI. Growth as result of introduction of cotton manufacture--recent industrial development Chapter XII. Central Falls, Pleasant Falls, Valley Falls, Lonsdale and Saylesville Chapter XIII. Religion and education Chapter XIV. The newspapers--the banks Chapter XV. Modern Pawtucket--water works--sewers--parks--cemeteries--military companies--the verteran firemen--societies--the post office--high schools--monuments--public buildings--homes, etc. Biographies of prominent citizens Index

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