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Ancient North Yarmouth And Yarmouth, Maine, 1636-1936 : A History On CD

Ancient North Yarmouth And Yarmouth, Maine, 1636-1936 : A History On CD

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Rowe, William Hutchinson, Ancient North Yarmouth and Yarmouth, Maine, 1636-1936 : a history Yarmouth, Me.: unknown, 1937, 473 pgs. Chapter I. The pioneers of Wescustogo. 1635-1678 Chapter II. North Yarmouth--A proprietary. 1678-1689 Chapter III. North Yarmouth--A plantation. 1690-1733 Chapter IV. Colonial North Yarmouth. 1733-1760 Chapter V. The old church under the ledge and its pastors. 1729-1818 Chapter VI. North Yarmouth in the Revolution. 1760-1788 Chapter VII. Sixty years of development. 1788-1848 Chapter VIII. Shipbuilding days Chapter IX. The railroads, division, and the Civil War. 1848-1870 Chapter X. Religious societies since 1797 Chapter XI. Education Chapter XII. Industrial, commercial and professional Chapter XIII. Fraternal, patriotic and civic organizations Chapter XIV. The development of the Yarmouth of today Chapter XV. Yarmouth in the world war. 1917-1918 Back matter Appendix I. Indian place names Appendix II. Town officers Appendix III. Representatives to General Court of Massachusetts Appendix IV. Representatives to Maine Legislature Appendix V. State and county officers Appendix VI. Soldiers in Revolutionary War Appendix VII. Soldiers in the War of 1812 Appendix VIII. Army and Navy Record, War of 1861-1865 Appendix IX. Roster of Yarmouth in world war Appendix X. Pastors of the churches Appendix XI. List of vessels built in Old North Yarmouth and Yarmouth Reference index

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