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Annals Of Lincoln County, North Carolina On CD

Annals Of Lincoln County, North Carolina On CD

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Sherrill, William Lander, Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina : containing interesting and authentic facts of Lincoln County history through the years 1749 to 1937 Charlotte, N.C.: Observer Print. House, 1937, 556 pgs. Table of contents Foreword Introduction Chapter 1. The first pioneers to the country west of the Catawba River Chapter II. 1759-1774 Chapter III. 1775-1779 Chapter IV. 1779-1780. Lincoln County Chapter V. The battle of Ramsour's Mill Chapter VI. 1780-1781 Chapter VII. 1782-1800 Chapter VIII. 1801-1811 Chapter IX. 1812-1819 Chapter X. 1820-1829 Chapter XI. 1830-1839 Chapter XII. 1840-1849 Chapter XIII. 1850-1859 Chapter XIV. 1860-1869 Chapter XV. 1870-1879 Chapter XVI. 1880-1889 Chapter XVII. 1890-1899 Chapter XVIII. 1900-1909 Chapter XIX. 1910-1919 Chapter XX. 1920-1929 Chapter XXI. 1930-1936 Chapter XXII. Something about the colored folks Chapter XXIII. Industrial growth in Lincoln County Chapter XXIV. The progress of education Chapter XXV. Newspapers and authors, physicians and lawyers newspapers Chapter XXVI. The Church in Lincoln County Appendix Back matter Index

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