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Annals Of Tazewell County, Virginia From 1800 To 1922 In Two Volumes On CD

Annals Of Tazewell County, Virginia From 1800 To 1922 In Two Volumes On CD

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Harman, John Newton, Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia from 1800 to 1922 in two volumes Richmond: W.C. Hill Print. Co., 1922, 1139 pgs. Chap II. Governors, members of Constitutional Conventions Chap III. Act creating, and fixing the boundary lines of Tazewell County Chap IV. Copy of marriage records from 1800 to 1852-3 Chap V. County Court law orders, from June 1800 to May 1810. Chap VI. County Court, Book number 2, from June term, 1810 to May term, 1817 Chap VII. June 1817 to December 1820 Chap VIII. County Court orders from January 1821 to June 1825 Chap IX. orders from July 1825 to December 1831 Chap X. orders, Feb. 1832 to Dec. 1841 Chap XI. County Court law orders from Jan 1842 to Dec, 1852 Chap XII. Justices of the Peace for Tazewell Coutny from 1800 to 1852 Chap XIII. Superior Court of Law; orders from May 1809 to June 1831 Chap XIV. A few genealogies shown in First Chancery Order Book--1832 to 1855 Chap XV. Genealogy of Tazewell families as shown by wills--Will books numbers 1,2 and 3 Chap XVI. Genealogy shown by deeds--Deed book no. 1. From 1800 to 1809 Chap XVIII. Showing all deeds to churches from 1800 to 1922 Part II. History of the settlement and Indian Wars of Tazewell County Virginia Book III. Indian Wars Vol. I. Index to marriages 1800 to 1852-3 Chap I. Governors, members of Constitutional Conventions Chap II. Marriage records of from 1853 to 1868 Chapter III. County Court law orders from 1858 to March term 1870 Vol. II. Chapter IV. County Court records from April term, 1870, to January term, 1904 Vol. II. Chapter V. Law orders Circuit Court, Dec 1901, to Aug 1924 Vol. II. Chapter VI. Wills from 1853 to 1924 showing genealogies of Tazewell families Soldiers of three wars. Chapter VII Vol. II. Chapter VIII. Education Vol. II. Chapter IX. The churches of Tazewell County Vol. II. Chapter X. Family genealogies biographical sketches and historical notes Vol. II. Index to marriages in name of husband 1853 to 1868

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