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Annals Of The Town Of Warren In Knox County, Maine On CD

Annals Of The Town Of Warren In Knox County, Maine On CD

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Eaton, Cyrus, Annals of the town of Warren in Knox County, Maine : with the early history of St. George's, Broad Bay, and the neighboring settlements on the Waldo Patent Hallowell Me.: Masters & Livermore, 1877, 702 pgs. Chapter I. The town described Chap II. Early discoveries and other transactions prior to 1688 Chap III. From 1688 to the close of the fourth Indian war in 1726. Chap IV. From 1726 to 1741, including the first settlements at St. George's and Broad Bay Chap V. From 1741 to 1753, including events of the 5th Indian war, and the Scottish settlement of Stirling Chap VI. From 1754 to 1757; Commencements and progress of the 6th Indian Chap VII. From 1758 to 1770 Chap VIII. From 1770 to 1775; doings at St. George's previous to and at the commencement of the revolution Chap IX. Incorporation of Warren in 1776, with other transactions to 1780 Chap X. From 1780 to 1782; Closing events of the revolution, ecclesiastical difficulties, etc. Chap XI. Return of peace, and other incidents from 1782 to 1784 Chap XII. Extending from 1784 to 1789 Chap XIII. From the year 1789 to 1793 Chap XIV. Settlement of Rev. T. Huse, and other transactions from the 1794 to 1800 Chap XV. Embracing the period from 1801 to 1806, and including the history of the Baptist society Chap XVI. From 1807 to 1812; a period of commercial embarrassment and party asperity, terminating in the war with England Chap XVII. Including events during the war, and after its close Chap XVIII. Votes and proceedings on various town matters from 1820 to 1850 Chap XIX. Congregational ecclesiastical affairs from 1820 to 1850 Chap XX. Miscellaneous matters not included in the two preceding chapters, from 1820 to 1850 Chap XXI. Notes of events onward to 1861 Chap XXII. From 1861, through the War of the Rebellion Chap XXIII. After the war to the end of 1873 Chap XXIV. Events onward to the close, 1876 Genealogical table


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