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Boucher Family : (Bowsher, Bauscher, Bausher, Bousher) On CD

Boucher Family : (Bowsher, Bauscher, Bausher, Bousher) On CD

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Burkhardt, Franklin A. The Boucher family : (Bowsher, Bauscher, Bausher, Bousher) : comprising a genealogy of branches of Strawn, Harpster, Tedrow, Cryder, Reichelderfer, Critchfield, Stahl, Straw, Brant and other families : descendants of Daniel Boucher of Albany Township, Berks County, Pa. : notes of other Boucher families : Henry Boucher descendants (Indiana, Pa.) : a brief history of the Ohio reunions of kindred families Lima, Ohio: 1917, 400 pgs. Chapter I. Whence came the Bouchers Chapter II. Daniel Boucher (Bauscher) Chapter III. General form of remonstrance, signed by the citizens of Berks County, Pa., in 1779 Chapter IV. The big four reunions Chapter V. The Boucher Family--Chart of first and second generations Chapter VI Chapter VII. Children of John Peter Bauscher Chapter VIII. Children of Anthony Bowsher (Bauscher) Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII. Children of Philip Bauscher Chapter XIII. Children of Tobias Boucher Chapter XIV. Children of Henry Boucher Chapter XV Chapter XVI Chapter XVII Chapter XVIII Chapter XIX Chapter XX Chapter XXI. Children of William Bowsher Chapter XXII Chapter XXIII Chapter XXV Chapter XXVI Chapter XXVII. Children of Jacob Bowsher Chapter XXVIII. Bouchers of various lineage Chapter XXIX. Henry Boucher and his descendants Chapter XXX. Bouchers and Boucher descendants who have rallied to the flag

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