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Centennial History Of Lancaster, Ohio, And Lancaster People : 1898 On CD

Centennial History Of Lancaster, Ohio, And Lancaster People : 1898 On CD

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Wiseman, C. M. L. Centennial history of Lancaster, Ohio, and Lancaster people : 1898, the one hundredth anniversary of the settlement of the spot where Lancaster stands Lancaster, Ohio: C.M.L. Wiseman, 1898, 407 pgs Capt. Joseph Hunter James Converse General George Sanderson Rev. James Quinn Colonel Ebenezer Zane The era of shinplasters Lotteries Henry Arnold Honorable David Colerick William Townsend John Latta Samuel Effinger Frederick A. Foster Reverend Samuel Carpenter The Duke of Saxe Weimar, 1825 Henry Clay Prominent men and events The prominent merchants Henry Stanbery William Medill Joshua Clarke F. J. Boving William J. Reese Mary Elizabeth Reese Mrs. Sarah Julian Thomas Reed General W. T. Sherman Hon. John Sherman John Brough Captain John A. Dubble Wesley Newman Charles Nourse M. A. Daugherty Joel S Parsons Dr. John Williams John Reber Darius Tallmadge Hocking H. Hunter Jacob Ulrick John T. Brasee Augustus F. Witte John J. Gromme Rev. Abraham Reck Colonel P. Van Trump Dr. Robert Mcneill W. J. Card Dr. M. Z. Kreider Nelson Smith Henry Orman Samuel S. Rickly Jacob Beck Killing of Little and Michaels Cemeteries Forest Rose Catholic cemetery Some professional men not previously mentioned Some merchants who were not early pioneers Some Lancaster mechanics The public library History of natural gas plant Hocking Valley Hop Company A brief review California adventures Distinguished vistors Rushville

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