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County Of Christian, Kentucky : Historical And Biographical On CD

County Of Christian, Kentucky : Historical And Biographical On CD

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L Lindsay County of Christian, Kentucky : historical and biographical Chicago: F.A. Battey Pub. Co., 1884, 650 pgs. Vol. I: Front matter Non-Indexed Pages #1 Contents Vol. I: Chapter I. Geology ... Vol. I: Chapter II. Early settlement ... Vol. I: Chapter III. Following the footsteps of the pioneers ... Vol. I: Chapter IV. The early court and bar ... Vol. I: Chapter V. Internal improvements ... Vol. I: Chapter VI. Religious history of the county Vol. I: Chapter VII. War history ... Vol. I: Chapter VIII. Hopkinsville City and Precinct Vol. I: Chapter IX. Hopkinsville ... Vol. I: Chapter X. Hopkinsville--Education ... Vol. I: Chapter XI. Casky, Pembroke and Longview Precincts ... Vol. I: Chapter XII. Union Schoolhouse Precinct ... Vol. I: Chapter XIII. Lafayette and Garrettsburg Precincts ... Vol. I: Chapter XIV. Mount Vernon, Wilson, Fruit Hill and Stewart Precincts ... Vol. I: Chapter XV. Bainbridge, Hamby and Scates' Mill Precincts ... Vol. I: Memoranda of Historical Events Vol. II: Biographical sketches. Hopkinsville City and Precinct Vol. II Title page Vol. II: Front matter Vol. II: Mount Vernon Precinct Vol. II: Pembroke Precinct Vol. II: Longview Precinct Vol. II: Lafayette Precinct Vol. II: Union Schoolhouse Precinct Vol. II: Hamby Precinct Vol. II: Fruit Hill Precinct Vol. II: Scates' Mill Precinct Vol. II: Garrettsburg Precinct Vol. II: Bainbridge Precinct Vol. II: Casky Precinct Vol. II: Stewart Precinct Vol. II: Wilson Precinct Vol. II: Memoranda of Biographical events Vol. II: Index Vol. II: Biographical Index


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