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Genealogy Of The Cowles Families In America On CD

Genealogy Of The Cowles Families In America On CD

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Cowles, Calvin D. Genealogy of the Cowles families in America unknown: unknown, 1929, 1525 pgs. Vol. I. Front matter Vol I. Title page Vol. I. Table of Contents Vol. I. Foreword Vol. I. Historical Preface Vol. I. The Cowles Family in England Vol. I. Family of John Cowles of Farmington and Hartford, Conn., and Hatfield , Mass. Vol. II. Front matter Vol. II Title page Vol. II. Family of John Cowles,of Farmington and Hartford, Conn., and Hatfield, Mass. Vol. II. The Cowles Family of Virginia Vol. II. Joseph Cowles, of Torrington, Conn. Vol. II. Robert Cowles, of Ballaugh County, Isle of Man Vol. II. Daniel Cowles, of Gallipolis, Ohio Vol. II. Charles Cowles, of Hartford, Conn. Vol. II. Ira Cowles, of Dillsboro, Ind. Vol. II. Russell Cowles, of Pultneyville, N.Y. Vol. II. Samuel Cole alias Cowles, of East Hartford, Conn., and Brookfield, N.Y. Vol. II. Moses Cowles, of New London, Conn. Vol. II. Erastus Cowles, of Wethersfield, Mass. Vol. II Thomas Cowles, of Westfield, Mass. Vol. II. George Aaron Cowles, of Canton Conn. Vol. II. Edward Cowles, of Dogwagiac, Mich. Vol. II. Capt. Benjamin Cowl, Of Patterson, N.Y. Vol. II. Unclassified Cowles records Vol. II. Appendices Vol. II. Index

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