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General History Of The Town Of Sharon, Litchfield County, Conn. : From Its First Settlement On CD

General History Of The Town Of Sharon, Litchfield County, Conn. : From Its First Settlement On CD

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Sedgwick, Charles F. General history of the town of Sharon, Litchfield County, Conn. : from its first settlement Amenia, N.Y.: C. Walsh, Printer and Publisher, 1877, 207 pgs. History of the town of Sharon. Chapter I. Chapter II. An account of the measures proposed for the sale and settlement of the township Chapter III. Incorporation of the town-list of officers chosen--Settlement of Rev. Peter Pratt--First meeting house--Alarming sickness Chapter IV. Indians in Sharon Chapter V. Ecclesiastical affairs-Deposition of Mr. Pratt-Settlement of Mr. Searle-Ellsworth Society-Rev. Mr. Knibloe-Dimission or Mr. Searle Chapter VI. A history of the Moravian missions in Sharon Chapter VII. Rev. Cotton Mather Smith-Census--Church of England missions-Organization of the Episcopal Parish-New meeting house-Rev. George Whitfield Chapter VIII. Events of the Revolutionary War Chapter IX. Incidental events-Disastrous fire in Sharon Valley-Small pox-Casualties-Shays' Rebellion-Society in Sharon Chapter XI. History of the Ecclesiastical Society Chapter XII. The War of the Rebellion Chapter XIII. Biographical notices-Family sketches, genealogies, etc Appendix A. Form of deeds given by the government's commitee to the purchasers of rights Appendix B. Patent of the town of Sharon Appendix C The Rev. Dr. Tumbull, the historian of Connecticut Appendix D. copy of the deed by which the Indians conveyed away their last claim of title to lands in Sharon Appendix E. Soldiers of the Revolution. Appendix F. events of the Revolutionary War of the services and sufferings of Adonijah Maxxam Appendix G. graduates of colleges who have been citizens of Sharon Appendix H. names of the Children of the Rev.Cotton Mather Smith, with the dates of their decease Appendix I. a roll of the representatives from the town of Sharon, commencing in 1755 Appendix J. Town officers Appendix K. The following hymn, composed by the Hon. John Cotton Smith

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