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Historic Salisbury, Maryland : Including Historical Sketches Of The Eastern Shore On CD

Historic Salisbury, Maryland : Including Historical Sketches Of The Eastern Shore On CD

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Truitt, Charles Jones, Historic Salisbury, Maryland : including historical sketches of the Eastern Shore. Garden City, N.Y.: Country Life Press, 1932, 257 pgs. Chapter I. The Indians, their origin and customs Chapter II. Colonizing the new land Chapter III. The founding of Salisbury Town Chapter IV. Establishing early churches Chapter V. Salisbury in the Revolution Chapter VI. The Salisbury of 1817 Chapter VII. Closing the first century Chapter VIII. Movement for a new state Chapter IX. Industries of bygone days Chapter X. Early steamboating on the Wicomico Chapter XI. Some early social customs Chapter XII. The coming of the railroad Chapter XIII. The Fire of 1860 Chapter XIV. Slavery in town and county Chapter XV. Salisbury in the Civil War Chapter XVI. The fight for a new county Chapter XVII. Wicomico County is formed Chapter XVIII. Building a second railroad Chapter XIX. Schools--Past and present Chapter XX. The fire of 1886 Chapter XXI. The town government changes Chapter XXII. Development of the Port Chapter XXIII. Newspapers and politics over seven decades Chapter XXIV. Farming--Then and now Chapter XXV. At the turn of the twentieth century Chapter XXVI. Paved streets and roads--First automobiles Chapter XXVII. First telephones, electricity, gas Chapter XXVIII. Financial institutions Chapter XXIX. Salisbury in the World War Chapter XXX. The Salisbury Award Chapter XXXI. Historical tour of city and county Chapter XXXII. Salisbury today Non-Indexed Pages #1 Appendix. The Bicentennial celebration Appendix. In memoriam

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