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Historical Court Records Of Washington, District Of Columbia On CD

Historical Court Records Of Washington, District Of Columbia On CD

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Walker, Homer A. Historical court records of Washington, District of Columbia Washington, D.C.: unknown, 1955, 1442 pgs. Vol. 1. Contains marriages "A" through "Berry" Vol. 2. Title page Vol. 2. Contains marriages "Berry to William Calvert" Vol. 3. Title page Vol. 3. Contains marriages "Calvi to Cripper" Vol. 4. Title page Vol. 4. Contains marriages "Cripps to: Robert H. Dyson" Vol. 5. Title page Vol. 5. Contains marriage records from "Fader to Gernhard Vol. 6. Title page Vol. 6. Contains marriages: Gessford to Casper Hentzell Vol. 7. Title page Vol. 7. Contains marriage records from Henwright to: Sarah Joy (records cover the dates of 1811 to 1858) Vol. 8. Title page Vol. 8. Contains marriages records from Joy to Lufborough, (dates covered 1811 to 1858) Vol. 9. Title page Vol. 9. Contains marriages: "Luffelin, Mary to Mitchell, Dennis" Vol. 10. Title page Vol. 10. Contains marriages: "Mitchell, Dennis to Payne, Thomas" Vol. 11. Title page Vol. 11. Contains marriages: Thomas Payne to Rophinot, Mary Julia Vol. 12. Title page Vol. 12. Contains marriages: From "Rorick, Michael to Speaks, Wm F." Vol. 13. Title page Vol. 13. Contains marriage records from the name: Edward Speaks to Susan Turner. (Records cover period 1811 to 1858) Vol. 14. Title page Vol. 14. Contains marriages from the name: "Susan Turner to Zimmermann, Anjelus" Records cover period 1811 to 1858)


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