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Historical Sketches Of Iowa Baptists On CD

Historical Sketches Of Iowa Baptists On CD

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Mitchell, S. H., Historical sketches of Iowa Baptists Burlington, Iowa: Burdette Co., 1886, 537 pgs. Chap 1. Beginnings Chap 2. First association Chap 3. Peculiarities of the field Chap 4. Our cultured and broad-minded pioneers Chap 5. Acknowledgments Chap 6. An instructive incident Chap 7. Missionary work Chap 8. Appointment of financial agent Chap 9. Educational society Chap 10. Western Iowa Chap 11. An appreciative letter Chap 12. Missionary reminiscences Chap 13. Reminiscences of Dexter P. Smith, D. D. Chap 14. Des Moines Assoc Chap 15. Davenport Assoc Chap 16. Davenport Assoc cont Chap 17. The Oskaloosa Assoc Chap 18. The Fox River Assoc Chap 19. Centerville Assoc organized in 1873 Chap 20. The Central Iowa Assoc Chap 21. Early missionary work in Central Iowa Chap 22. Eden Assoc Chap 23. North-eastern Iowa Chap 24. Dubuque Assoc continued Chap 25. The great Central Valley of Northern Iowa. 1855 Chap 26. The Bedford Assoc Chap 27. Southwestern Iowa Baptist Assoc Chap 28. The Linn Assoc Chap 29. The Iowa Valley Assoc Chap 30. The Western Iowa Assoc Chap 31. Keokuk Assoc Chap 32. Burlington Assoc Chap 33. Washington Assoc Chap 34. The English River Assoc Chap 35. North Eastern Iowa Chap 36. North and west Chap 37. Upper Des Moines Assoc continued Chap 38. Picking up the thread Chap 39. The Coon Valley Assoc Chap 40. East Nodaway Assoc Chap 41. The Sioux Valley Assoc Chap 42. Atlantic Association Chap 43. Other associations and churches Chap 44. Fragments, incidents and anecdotes Chap 45. Iowa Baptist State Convention Chap 46. Education for the minister Chap 47. Iowa Baptists and the American Baptist Home Mission Society Chap 48. Iowa Baptists and foreign missions Chap 49. Iowa Baptists and the Sunday School work Chap 50. Iowa Baptists and their institutions of learning Chap 51. Retrospective Chap 52. Obituary notes Index

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