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History And Genealogy Of The Wagner, Waggoner-Wagoner Family On CD

History And Genealogy Of The Wagner, Waggoner-Wagoner Family On CD

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Wagner, Clark R., History and genealogy of the Wagner, Waggoner-Wagoner family Tiffin, Ohio: Advertiser Press, printers, 1941, 304 pgs. Biography of John Waggoner, Sr. The Wagner, Waggoner, Wagoner family as I know it from tradition Family section The Elizabeth Wagoner Branch Henry Bowman Salome Bowman Aaron L Bowman Mahala Bowman The John Waggoner, Jr., Branch John Waggoner, Jr. Daniel Waggoner Salome Waggoner John B Waggoner Nancy Waggoner Hufford Samuel B. Waggoner Sophia Waggoner Mary Ann Waggoner Catharine Waggoner Jacob Waggoner Moses Waggoner Elizabeth Louisa Waggoner The Jacob Wagner Branch John Wagner Henry Wagner Jacob Wagner, Jr George Waggoner Joel Wagner Charlotte Wagner Adam Wagner Emanuel Wagner Susannah Wagner The David Waggoner Branch Jacob Wagoner Nancy Wagner Daniel Wagner Sarah Wagner Catherine Wagner Samuel Wagner George Wagner Polly Wagner Lydia Wagner Elizabeth Wagner Christina Wagner Anna Wagner The George Waggoner Branch Margaret Elizabeth Waggoner Nancy Waggoner John Waggoner Mary (Polly) Waggoner Abigail Waggoner Samuel Waggoner Margaret (Peggy) Waggoner Catharine Charlotte Waggoner Homer Waggoner George Washington Waggoner Caroline Waggoner The Nancy Waggoner Branch The Daniel Wagoner Branch Daniel Wagoner Hiram Wagoner Nancy Wagoner Syrena Wagoner Mariah Wagoner Joseph Wagoner Christena Wagoner The Catharine Waggoner Branch Catharine Waggoner Dersham William Dershem Levi Dershem Elizabeth Dershem Joel Dershem Harriet Dershem Aaron Dershem Reuben Dershem The Solomon Wagoner Branch Solomon Wagoner Susannah Wagoner Elizabeth Wagoner Solomon Benton Wagoner Samuel Wagoner Harriet Wagoner George Wagoner John Wagoner Mary Jane Wagoner Louis Wagoner Rebecca Wagoner Emaline Wagoner William H Wagoner Charles Wagoner Aaron Wagoner The Samual Waggoner Branch Index

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