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History Of Barbour County , Alabama CD

History Of Barbour County , Alabama CD

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History of Barbour County , Alabama Authors: Thompson, Mattie Thomas. City of Publication: Eufaula, Ala. Publisher: unknown Date: c1939 Page Count: 570 Index Chapter one. Looking backward Chapter two. Historical facts about towns in Barbour County Chapter three. Old landmarks Chapter four. Bridges across Chattahoochee River Chapter five. Barbour County's great men Chapter six. Indians in Barbour County Chapter seven. Hotels Chapter eight. Insurance and banks Chapter nine. Public halls and theatres Chapter ten. Business and industry in Barbour County Chapter eleven. Music and libraries in Barbour County Chapter twelve. Writers in Barbour County Chapter thirteen. Medical profession in Barbour County Chapter fourteen. Historic old homes Chapter fifteen. Faithful old servants in Barbour County Chapter sixteen. Past and present county officials Chapter seventeen. Reconstruction days Chapter eighteen. Organization of Democratic and Conservative Party Chapter nineteen. Sons of The South Chapter twenty. Reconstruction facts Chapter twenty-one. The Granger-Farmers' Alliance and silver question Chapter twenty-two. Military Chapter twenty-three. Veterans who received Crosses of Honor Chapter twenty-four. Memorable march of Grierson's Army across Chattahoochee River Chapter twenty-five. "Address of the Fifty" Chapter twenty-six. Newspapers Chapter twenty-seven. Barbour County schools Chapter twenty-eight. Churches in Barbour County Chapter twenty-nine. Cemeteries in Barbour County Chapter thirty. Barbour County politics in 1884 Chapter thirty-one. Disasters in Barbour County Chapter thirty-two. Unique features in Barbour County Chapter thirty-three. Ten lovely old ladies Chapter thirty-four. Old settlers' tea Chapter thirty-five.

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