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History Of Bourbon County, Kansas - To The Close Of 1865 On CD

History Of Bourbon County, Kansas - To The Close Of 1865 On CD

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Robley, T. F. History of Bourbon County, Kansas - to the close of 1865 Fort Scott, Kan.: Press of the Monitor Book & Print. Co., 1894, 243 pgs. Synoptical index Non-Indexed Pages #1 Chapter I. The Louisiana Purchase Chapter II. Fort Scott located Chapter III. Annexation of Texas--Mexican War Chapter IV. The post of Fort Scott abandoned Chapter V. The mill of the Gods Chapter VI. The first Governor Chapter VII. Bourbon County organized Chapter VIII. Tone of pro-slavery paper Chapter IX. Bourbon County officials Chapter X. More politics... Chapter XI. Lecompton Constitutional Convention Chapter XII. The conservatives Chapter XIII. Second election of Lecompton Constitution Chapter XIV. First manufactory in Fort Scott Chapter XV. Some old settlers Chapter XVI. Amnesty Chapter XVII. Some more arrivals Chapter XVIII. Amnesty broken Chapter XIX. Militia organized Chapter XX. Delegates to the Wyandotte Convention Chapter XXI. Legislature meets Chapter XXII. The arts of peace Chapter XXIII. Kansas admitted Chapter XXIV. Battle of Drywood Chapter XXV. Various things Chapter XXVI. County seat returned to Fort Scott Chapter XXVII. Fortifications Chapter XXVIII. Lincoln

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