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History Of Carrollton Manor, Frederick County, Maryland On CD

History Of Carrollton Manor, Frederick County, Maryland On CD

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Grove, William Jarboe. History of Carrollton Manor, Frederick County, Maryland Frederick, Md.: Marken & Bielfeld, 1928, 545 pgs. 1. Charles Carroll 2. John Carroll-First Archbishop of Baltimore 3. Father Griffin 4. the Darnell home 5. Catholics of Carrollton Manor-First St. Joseph's Church-St. Joseph's Church-Rev. John Gaffney-Rev. John McElroy 6. History of the Frederick monastery 7. Old St. John's Church-present St. John's Church--Rev. William Kane-St. Mary's Church, Petersville 8. Carrollton Manor agents-Joseph Smith-Davis Richardson-Cromwell Family-Boone Family-McSherry Family-Baughman Family-Lewis McMurray 9. Roger B. Taney-Jacob Lewis 10. Manasses J. Grove-Samuel Grinder-Thomas R. Jarboe-The Mills-Delaplaine Family 11. Charles Carroll -Carlos DeGarmendia-Geo. Kephart-Edward Nichols-William P. Allnutt-James T. Day-John A. Trundle-Dutrow Family 12. Doctor Charles Unseld--Ross Winans 13.Charles S. Simmons-Daniel Baker 14. Ranneberger Family-Thomas Cresap--Zimmerman Family 15. Carrollton Manor 16. Rogers-Keller-Specht-White and Kemp families 17. Agricultural Society 18. John Brown's insurrection 19. Manor mounted guards-Civil War 20. Tax list 1823 21. Theatrical Troupe Picnic-School houses 22. Registration of voters 23. Jarboe Family 24. Schley's Battallion--Catoctin dragoons mohawks 25. The Grove Family 26. Confederate Memorial Day 27. Surrender of Harper's Ferry Battle of Quebec School House 29 Liberty -Local names old war loans 30. Potomac River Bridge-Gen. Geary--St. Paul's Church--Harry C. Hickman--Charles H. Stunkle--W. W. Shock, Telegraph operator--Transfer command of Army from General Hooker to General Meade Rock Hall-The Johnsons furnaces and mills--Bloomsboro letter--Miss Johnson 32. Braddock's spring--Gen. Braddock's march to his defeat--order of march--Benjamin Franklin-National highway 33. League of Nations 34. First Church of Carrollton Manor 35. John Jarbo-The Calverts-Margaret Brentn-the Jarboe Family


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