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History Of Cincinnati, Ohio : With Illustrations And Biographical Sketches On CD

History Of Cincinnati, Ohio : With Illustrations And Biographical Sketches On CD

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Ford, Henry A. History of Cincinnati, Ohio : with illustrations and biographical sketches / compiled by Henry A. Ford and Kate B. Ford. unknown: L.A. Williams & Co., 1881, 595 pgs. Chapter I. A description of Cincinnati Chapter II. Ancient works Chapter III. The sight of Losantiville Chapter IV. Before Losantiville Chapter V. Losantiville Chapter VI. Fort Washington Chapter VII. Cincinnati's 1st decade Chapter VIII. Cincinnati township Chapter IX. Cincinnati's 2nd decade Chapter X. Cincinnati's 3rd decade Chapter XI. Cincinnati's 4th decade Chapter XII. Cincinnati's 5th decade Chapter XIII. Cincinnati's 6th decade Chapter XIV. Cincinnati's 7th decade Chapter XV. Cincinnati's 8th decade Chapter XVI. Cincinnati in the war Chapter XVIL. The siege of Cincinnati Chapter XVIII. Cincinnati's 9th decade--1880 Chapter XIX. The German element in Cincinnati Chapter XX. Religion in Cincinnati Chapter XXI. Education Chapter XXIL. Public Charities Chapter XXIII. Benevolent and other societies Chapter XXIV. Science Chapter XXV. Art Chapter XXVI. Music Chapter XXVII. Libraries Chapter XXVIII. Literature Chapter XXIX. Bookselling and publications Chapter XXX. Journalism Chapter XXXI. Medicine Chapter XXXII. Bench and bar Chapter XXXIII. Manufacturing Chapter XXXIV. The industrial expositions Chapter XXXV. Commerce and navigation Chapter XXXVI. Banking--Finance--Insurance Chapter XXXVII. The post office Chapter XXXVIII. The local militia--The first appointments Chapter XXXIX. Amusements Chapter XL. Cemeteries Chapter XLI. The city government Chapter XLII. The fire department Chapter XLIII. The water works Chapter XLIV. Penal institutions Chapter XLV. The police--Board of health Chapter XLVI. Markets Chapter XLVII. Streets.--Railroads.--Bridges.--Parks, etc. Chapter XLVIII. Annexations and suburbs Chapter XLIV. Biographical sketches

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