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History Of Henry County, Indiana On CD

History Of Henry County, Indiana On CD

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G R Clark History of Henry County, Indiana : together with sketches of its cities, villages and towns, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens : also a condensed history of Indiana, embodying accounts of pre-historic races, aborigines, Winnebago and Black Hawk wars, and a brief review of its civil and political history. Chicago: Inter-State Pub. Co., 1884, 944 pgs. Table of Contents Former occupants Explorations by the whites Expeditions of Col. George Rogers Clark Government of the northwest Military history 1790-1800 Territorial history Gov. Harrison and the Indians War of 1812 with Great Britain Tecumseh Civil matters 1812-'5 Organization of the State Black Hawk War Last exodus of the Indians Land sales The Mexican War Slavery Indiana in the war Financial Geology Agricultural Education Benevolent and penal institutions Map Chapter I. Introductory and descriptive Chapter II. The pioneer settlers Chapter III. Civil history Chapter IV. Henry County in the rebellion Chapter V. The schools of Henry County Chapter VI. The bar of Henry County Chapter VII. The press of Henry County Chapter VIII. County societies Chapter IX. Internal improvements Chapter X. Reminiscences Chapter XI. Eminent dead Chapter XII. New Castle and Henry Township Chapter XIII. Blue River Township Chapter XIV. Dudley Township Chapter XV. Fall Creek Township Chapter XVI. Franklin Township Chapter XVII. Greensboro Township Chapter XVIII. Harrison Township Chapter XIX. Jefferson Township Chapter XX. Liberty Township Chapter XXI. Prairie Township Chapter XXII. Spiceland Township Chapter XXIII. Stony Creek Township Chapter XXIV. Wayne Township

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