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History Of Humboldt County, California By Irvine, Leigh H. On CD

History Of Humboldt County, California By Irvine, Leigh H. On CD

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Irvine, Leigh H. History of Humboldt County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present Los Angeles, Calif.: Historic Record Co., 1915, 1297 pgs. Section Title Title page Contents Index Chapter I. The origin of the name California Chapter II. The north was slow to be discovered Chapter III. The discovery of Humboldt Bay Chapter IV. Land discovery of Humboldt Bay Chapter V. Unique early history Chapter VI. Gold mines lure men to the north Chapter VII. Grant's career in Humboldt County Chapter VIII. Early troubles with the Indians Chapter IX. Life and times in the early fifties Chapter X. Organization of Humboldt County Chapter XI. Russians in Northern California Chapter XII. Topography, Climate and scenery Chapter XIII. Early towns and villages of Humboldt County Chapter XIV. Early school and educational activity Chapter XV. Early churches in Humboldt County Chapter XVI. Gold mining in Humboldt County Chapter XVII. History of the Lumber industry Chapter XVIII. Activity in many towns Chapter XIX. Promotive Activities Chapter XX. Past and prospective Humboldt Agriculture Chapter XXI. Humboldt's bench and bar Chapter XXII. The Eureka free library Chapter XXIII. How the Fifth Division, U. S. Naval Militia, came into existence Biographical

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