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History Of Kent County, Maryland, 1630-1916 On CD

History Of Kent County, Maryland, 1630-1916 On CD

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Usilton, Fred G. History of Kent County, Maryland, 1630-1916 unknown: unknown, 1916, 251 pgs. Chapter I. Events leading up to the founding of Kent County Chapter II. The Isle of Kent Chapter III. To be known as Kent County Chapter IV. Tench Tilghman's ride through Kent Chapter V. "The Battle of Caulk's Field." Chapter VI. Burning of Georgetown and Fredericktown on the Sassafras Chapter VII. Freedom of religious thought and worship Chapter VIII. St. Paul's Church, Kent County, Maryland Chapter IX. Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church Chapter X. The friends' meeting house Chapter XI. Old "I. U." and still pond... Chapter XII. Schools, public, and private... Chapter XIII. Records of the first sail vessel and early steamboating on the Chester River... Chapter XIV. Flourishing financial institutions and their officers... Chapter XV. The first military organization... Chapter XVI. Kent in the War of 1812-14 Chapter XVII. Four United States Senators furnished by Kent County... Chapter XVIII. Old records showing transfers of land in Kent Chapter XIX. Some weather records Chapter XX. Women vote in Kent... Chapter XXI. Some records on the farm Chapter XXII. Old time Christmas in Kent Chapter XXIII. Chestertown... Chapter XXIV. "The "White House' Farm." Chapter XXV. Throwing tea overboard in the Chestertown Harbor... Chapter XXVI. The noted Chester Bridge... Chapter XXVII. Notable houses in Chestertown... Chapter XXIX. A noted resort Chapter XXX. "Fish Hall," the most interesting spot in Betterton Chapter XXXI. Shell banks made by Indians... Chapter XXXII. "Monomac"... Chapter XXIII. Some recollections Chapter XXXIV. The old court-house...


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