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History Of Louisa County, Virginia On CD

History Of Louisa County, Virginia On CD

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Harris, Malcolm Hart. History of Louisa County, Virginia Richmond, Va. :: Dietz Press,, 1936, 538 pgs. Title Page Table of Contents I. Political History: Topography Settlement Land Patents Formation Courts Burgesses County Clerks Sheriffs The Twopenny Case Surveyors II. Military History: French and Indian Wars Committee of Safety The Revolution The War of 1812 The Civil War Reconstruction Period The World War III. Highways and Homes: The Old Mountain Road The Three Notched Road The Old Cartersville Road The Old Michael's Road The Belshe's Road The Marquise's Road The Louisa Road The Louisa Railroad IV. Churches and Parishes and Miniters: St. Martin's Parish Frederickville Parish Trinity Parish Presbyterians Baptists Methodists Quakers Disciples V. Educational: Schools Physicians Eminent Men VI. Appendix: Marriage Certificates Genealogical Notes-Louisa Families Bibliography Index


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