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History Of Montgomery Co. Al

History Of Montgomery Co. Al

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Recollections of the early settlers of Montgomery County, Alabama Montgomery, Ala.: Society of Pioneers of Montgomery, 1961, 157 pgs. Dr. Mitchell Benjaman B. Lamar Thomas Barton Thomas Haynes Dr. Robert J. Ware Green Wood Bernard Young Joshua Hagerty Larkin Cleveland Chappel Sledge Aaron Livingston Mr. Bullard Mr. Ross Parker Gray John Robertson The Gin Shop Harogate Springs Mt. Meigs Walter B. Lucas John Burch Henry Lucas Green Pinkston McDade brothers John and Isaac Ray Drs. Brown, Barton, Lucas and Blakey The McLemore brothers James Pinkston John Ashurst David Talliferro John and Joseph Green Thomas Vickers Thomas M. Cowles Griffin L. Hogan Felix Ashley Ben Ashley William Frazier Stone brothers Charles G. Gunter Kin Moony George Thomas Abner McGehee David Calloway Colony from Georgia Thomas M. Barnett Frank Barnett George Mathews Charles Barnett George Mathews Nicholas Marks Dr. Nicholas Meriweather Dr. Samuel C. Oliver Francis M. Gilmer Peachy, W. B. S. and James J. Gilmer Michael Elsberry William Falconer Willis Calloway Reuben Emerson Col. Daniel Malloy Mrs. Delilah Dabney A. F. Ponder Benajah S. Bibb Richard C. Bunting Thomas Caffey Bryant Walters Dr. P. W. Spear Hardy Robins John Bonham George Shackelford Henry Holmes Richard W. Wall William Taylor Peter B. Mastin William D. Sankey Vincent R. Porter James C. Sankey James Daniel Joseph Foster Wade H. Allen George Powell Joshua Jones Laban B. Underwood Augustus Middleton Anderson Mosley Col. William Armistead Jesse P. Taylor William Henry Taylor Dr. C. Bellinger George W. Hails Elbert Holt Jason G. Jones James A. Forniss Samuel L. Arrington Hardy Wilkins Old Caeser The duel Relationship between master and slave Good citizenship Wealth of planters The Baptist church The Methodist church Review of the old churches in the county Providence church Mt. Meigs Presbyterian church Old Bethel church

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