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History Of Newton County, Mississippi : From 1834 To 1894 On CD

History Of Newton County, Mississippi : From 1834 To 1894 On CD

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History of Newton County, Mississippi : from 1834 to 1894 Jackson, Miss.: Clarion-Ledger Co., 1894, 483 pgs. Chapter I: Organization of the county Chapter II: The Indians who occupied this county before the white man came Chapter III: Indian ball play Chapter IV: Number of white settlers in Newton County when it was organized Chapter V: Names of the men who first held office in the county Chapter VI: Settling of Decatur Chapter VII: The character of the lands Chapter VIII: Three attempts to move court house from Decatur Chapter IX: the railroad into the county Chapter X: 1860 Chapter XI: Various military to leave the county Chapter XII: Patriotic women Chapter XIII: Col. Grierson's raid through the state Chapter XIV: Condition of the country after Sherman's march Chapter XV: years from 1866 to 1894 Chapter XVI: Introduction and use of commercial fertilizers Chapter XVII: Reconstruction period Chapter XVIII: Race troubles Chapter XIX: Secret political organizations in the county Chapter XX: Return of home rule in 1875 Chapter XXI: Prominent men Chapter XXII: Various newspapers Chapter XXIII: the Grange into the county Chapter XXIV: Patrons' Union Chapter XXV: Various benevolent and secret orders Chapter XXVI: Free schools Chapter XXVII: Religious denominations Chapter XXVIII: Sabbath Schools Chapter XXIX: Law and order Chapter XXX: Lands Chapter XXXI: Agricultural products shipped on our railroads Chapter XXXII:a stock-raising county Chapter XXXIII: Taxes of the county Chapter XXXIV: Spirit of improvement Chapter XXXV: By co-operative effort what may be done Chapter XXXVI: Professional men Chapter XXXVII: Various towns Chapter XXXVIII: The various county officers Chapter XXXIX: Judges, chancellors and district attorneys of Newton County Chapter XL: Sketches of the people Chapter XLI: Miscellaneous events Chapter XLII: Weather notes Chapter XLIII: Sketches of persons

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