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History Of Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut On CD

History Of Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut On CD

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Crissey, Theron Wilmot. History of Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut Everett, Mass: Massachusetts Pub. Co., 1900, 704 pgs. Contents I. History of Norfolk II. Sale and settlement of the town--building the meeting house III. Events of interest in the town up to the time of the Revolutionary War IV. Connecticut's early town system... V. How the original title to land in this town was obtained... VI. The first town meeting held Dec. 12, 1758... VII. Customs and habits of the first settlers... VIII. The Revolutionary War... IX. "A Half-Century Sermon, Delivered At Norfolk October 28, 1811... X. A century sermon XI. Norfolk ecclesiastical society... XII. Sketch of Rev. Ralph Emerson, D. D XIII. Sketch of Mrs. Z. P. Grant Banister XIV. Centre of the town... XV. Cemeteries--longevity in Norfolk XVI. Litchfield County Centennial Celebration XVII. Severe winters and storms in Connecticut XVIII. Killing a panther in Norfolk... XIX. The manufactures and manufacturers of the town, from its settlement down to date XX. Norfolk merchants--schools--the park XXI. The period preceding the War of the Rebellion... XXII. Highways--a railroad over the hills XXIII. The whipping post and stocks... XXIV. The Robbins Family... XXV. Rev. Joseph Eldridge, D. D XXVI. The Battelle Family XXVII. The Welch Family XXVIII. Physiography and geology... XXIX. Brief sketches of early settlers and their descendants XXX. Memorial windows... XXXI. Modern Norfolk Back matter Appendix Index

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