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History Of Palo Alto County, Iowa On CD

History Of Palo Alto County, Iowa On CD

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McCarty, Dwight Gaylord, History of Palo Alto County, Iowa Cedar Rapids, Iowa.: Torch Press, 1910, 222 pgs. Chapter I. Introduction--Westward! Chapter II. The West bend settlement Chapter III. The Irish colony Chapter IV. The Indians and the Spirit Lake Massacre Chapter V. The relief expedition Chapter VI. New settlers--1856-1862 Chapter VII. Early speculative county-seats Chapter VIII. The political organizations of the county Chapter IX. The call to arms Chapter X. A decade of growth--1863-1872 Chapter XI. The old town Chapter XII. The new Emmestburg Chapter XIII. The period of development--1873-1910 Chapter XIV. The rise of the county towns Chapter XV. Our modern county Appendices Non-Indexed Pages #1 Index


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