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History Of San Luis Obispo County And Environs, California On CD

History Of San Luis Obispo County And Environs, California On CD

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Morrison, Annie L., History of San Luis Obispo County and environs, California Los Angeles, Calif. :: Historic Record Co.,, 1917, 1042 pgs CHAPTER I The Spanish Quest for El Dorado CHAPTER II The Founding of the Missions CHAPTER III California During the Mexican Revolt CHAPTER IV The American Conquest CHAPTER V Spanish Grants and Old Families in San Luis Obispo County CHAPTER VI Discovery of Gold, and Early History of the County CHAPTER VII History from 1850 to 1860. A Land of Crimes CHAPTER VIII The Great Drought. The Early Pioneers CHAPTER IX Products of the Soil, Dairying, Grazing and the Great Landholdings CHAPTER X Mineral Productions CHAPTER XI Roads, Wharves, Railroads, Stage Lines and Mail Routes, County Buildings and County Finances CHAPTER XII Schools, Churches and Lodges CHAPTER XIII The Press, the Bench and Bar, Physicians and Others CHAPTER XIV Cities, Towns, and Villages CHAPTER XV Presidential Visits, and the G. A. R. CHAPTER XVI A Celebrated Land Case, and Old County Documents CHAPTER XVII A Chapter of Political History, and Items from the Tribune Santa Maria Santa Maria Valley and Environs A Chapter on Education

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