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History Of Sonoma County, California By Tom Gregory On CD

History Of Sonoma County, California By Tom Gregory On CD

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Gregory, Tom. History of Sonoma County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county... Los Angeles, Calif.: Historic Record Co., 1911, 1151 pgs. I. Sonoma-Valley of the Moon II. Sonoma enters history III. Hidden in the Coast Range IV. Concepcion and her Russian lover V. El Fuerte De Los Rusos VI. Sutter aborbs the Russian realty VII. The Spaniard reaches Sonoma VIII. The premier Californian-Vallejo IX. Mexican State of California X. A free and easy people XI. The digger in his eminent domain XII. "Lachryma Montis" XIII. Appearance of the Pathfinder XIV. Republic of California XV. Commodore Sloat at Monterey XVI. Fremont the man of the hour XVII. Painting the banner of the bear XVIII. Bringing order out of the wilds XIX. Castro on the war path XX. Country drifting to Uncle Sam XXI. The historian continues the conflict XXII. Vallejo in California history XXIII. California the mecca of a mighty pilgrimage XXIV. John A. Sutter and his fort XXV. When the state of California was not a state XXVI. Sacramento Corrals the state capital XXVII. Sonoma County settles down to house-keeping XXVIII. How Captain Smith came to Bodega XXIX. Peopling the rich Sonoma valleys XXX. Vulcan-Builder of a continent XXXI. Within the Vale of Santa Rosa De Lima XXXII. Mapping out the city of the Rose XXXIII. The changes of the years XXXIV. Thoroughbred horses of Sonoma County XXXV. Petaluma and her name Origin XXXVI. Tragedy of the Vigilance Committee Bell XXXVII. City of the little chicks XXXVIII. Where the Analy apple grows XXXIX. Nature's ancient grove-Redwood township XL. The dale of the clover bloom XLI. In the earthquakes deadly zone XLII. Luther Burbank-Traveler in plantland XLIII. Farmers' organizations of Sonoma County XLIV. Sonoma County statistics Biographical

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