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History Of The City Of Denver, Arapahoe County, And Colorado On CD

History Of The City Of Denver, Arapahoe County, And Colorado On CD

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W B Vickers; Elbridge Gerry; Wilbur F Stone; Samuel Bowles History of the city of Denver, Arapahoe County, and Colorado Chicago: O.L. Baskin & Co., 1880, 714 pgs. Ringing up the curtain Early discoveries of gold Journalism in Colorado Early politics and organization of the territory Lo! The poor Indian The mountains of Colorado Colorado during the rebellion - territorial officials Progress of the country The climate of Colorado Agricultural resources of the state Stock raising in Colorado Leadville and California Gulch History of the First Colorado Regiment History of the Second Colorado Regiment Sketch of the Third Colorado The geology Peak climbing in the Rocky Mountains Sketch of the San Juan country The University of Colorado The Ute rebellion Affairs at White River Agency The news in Denver Advance upon the agency Arrival at agency - the massacre Cessation of hostilities - rescue of the prisoners Sad story of the captives Ute atrocities in Colorado The "Peace Commision" farce The Ute question in Congress Sketch of Arapahoe County and Littleton Wonderful transformation of twenty years Pen picture of Denver in 1859 Chap 3 The Fall and Winter campaign The city of Denver 1860 Denver in 1891 From 1862 to the flood The great flood of 1864 After the flood Coming of the railroads Events of the year 1869 The railroad year 1870 Chap 12: Progress in 1871-72 Chap 13: Denver from 1873 to 1875 Chap 14: The Centennial year Chap 15: Denver in 1877-9 Chap 16: Denver during 1879 Chapr XVII: public schools Chap XVIII: Railroads the Denver Pacific Chap XIX: Denver, South Park & Pacific Chap XX: Denver & Rio Grande Railway Chap XXI: The Colorado Central Railroad Chap XXII: The telegraph and street railways Chap XXIII: The churches Chapter XXIV: The Sunday schools Chapter XXV: Hill's smelting works Chap XXVI: Miscellaneous Chap XXVII: The learned professions Biographical

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