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History Of The Origin Of The Town Of Clinton, Massachusetts : 1653-1865 On CD

History Of The Origin Of The Town Of Clinton, Massachusetts : 1653-1865 On CD

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Ford, Andrew E. History of the origin of the town of Clinton, Massachusetts : 1653-1865 Clinton Mass.: Press of W.J. Coulter, Courant Office, 1896, 738 pgs. Chap I: The physical geography of Clinton Chap II: Scientific notes Chap III: 1653-1682 John Prescott, the pioneer. Chap IV: Three generations of Prescotts Chap V: Farmers and millwrights Chap VI: French and Indian War and the revolution Chap VII: Closing years of the eighteenth century Chap VIII: The community east of the river Chap IX: The first cotton mill Chap X: The early comb-makers Chap XI: School district no. 10 Chap XII: 1838-1848 The coming of the Bigelows Chap XIII: The founding of Lancaster Mills Chap XIV: The Brussels carpet loom, and the later life of E. B. Bigelow Chap XV: The Bigelow carpet company and the later life of H. N. Bigelow Chap XVI: Schools in district no.10 1838-1850 Chap XVII: The incorporation of Clinton Chap XVIII: Fifteen years of municipal life Chap XIX: Clinton schools Chap XX: Franklin Forbes and the Lancaster Mills Chap XXI: Employees of Lancaster Mills Chap XXII: Minor industries Chap XXIII: Certain public enterprises Chap XXIV: The commercial development of Clinton Chap XXV: Library and press Chap XXVI: Lawyers, physicians, and dentists Chap XXVII: The First Evangelical Church of Clinton Chap XXVIII: The First Baptist Church of Clinton Chap XXIX: Methodist Episcopal Church Chap XXX: The First Unitarian Church of Clinton Chap XXXI: The Catholic Church Chap XXXII: Various organizations Chap XXXIII: The fifteenth, and its companion regiments Chap XXXIV: Clinton men in North Carolina, and the volunteer records Chap XXXV: From Antietam to Gettysburg Chap XXXVI: In the Mississippi Valley-- Enlistments and finances Chap XXXVII: Under grant in Virginia Chap XXXVIII: Clinton soliders' individual record Index Index of places Index of subjects

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