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History Of Union County, Kentucky On CD

History Of Union County, Kentucky On CD

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Wm H Newman; M J Clements; G W Cambron History of Union County, Kentucky : a complete account of the settlement, organization, and government of the county, together with facts and figures concerning the society, professions, commerce, industries, agriculture, coal, railroads, education, religion, and other institutions and resources of the county, and biographical sketches of its leading citizens Evansville, Ind.: Courier Co., 1886, 904 pgs. Vol. 1. Title Page Vol. 1. Front Matter Non-Indexed Pages #1 Vol. 1. Contents Vol. 1. Chapter I. Early History Vol. 1. Chapter II. Pioneer Biography Vol. 1. Chapter III. Organic Vol. 1. Chapter IV. Agricultural Vol. 1. Chapter V. Coal Vol. 1. Chapter VI. Civil War Vol. 1. Chapter VII. Legal Vol. 1. Chapter VIII. Medical Vol. 1. Chapter IX. Introductory Vol. 1. Chapter X. Religious Vol. 1. Chapter XI. Literature and Art Vol. 1. Chapter XII. Calamities and Casualties Vol. 1. Chapter XIII. Crime Vol. 1. Chapter XIV. Railroads Vol. 2. Title Page Vol. 2. Chapter XV. Morganfield Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XVI. Uniontown Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XVII. Caseyveille Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XVIII. Waverly Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XIX. Boxville Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XX. Raleigh Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XXI. Lindle Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XXII. Bordley Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XXIII. Hitesville Precinct Vol. 2. Chapter XXIV. Shiloh and Salem Precincts Vol. 2. Chapter XXV. Zoology and Geology Vol. 2. Chapter XXVI. Supplemental Caseyville History Vol. 2. Chapter XXVII. Miscellaneous Biographies Index Back Matter

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