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History Of Williamsburg : Something About The People Of Williamsburg County, South Carolina On CD

History Of Williamsburg : Something About The People Of Williamsburg County, South Carolina On CD

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Boddie, William Willis, History of Williamsburg : something about the people of Williamsburg County, South Carolina, from the first settlement by Europeans about 1705 until 1923 Columbia, S.C.: State Co., 1923, 644 pgs. Table of Contents Chapter I. Before Williamsburg had a name Chapter II. The King's Tree and Williamsburg Township Chapter III. Original settlers Chapter IV. The people who settled Williamsburg Chapter V. Economic conditions Chapter VI. Churches and churchmen Chapter VII. Growing pains and petitions Chapter VIII. Colonial wills Chapter IX. Political and social matters Chapter X. The War of the Revolution Chapter XI. Williamsburg soldiers in the Revolution Chapter XII. Government by the people Chapter XIII. The town of Williamsburg, 1788 Chapter XIV. Williamsburg Census, 1790 Chapter XV. Presbyterianism regnant Chapter XVI. Williamsburg taxpayers, 1811 Chapter XVII. Roads and ferries from 1788 until 1880 Chapter XVIII. Government and officials, 1788-1930 Chapter XIX. Old wills and notes on them Chapter XX. Economic and social life, Chapter XXI. Indiatown Church Chapter XXII. The Nullification Movement, 1832 Chapter XXIII. Puritanism, Calvinism, and Arminianism Chapter XXIV. Things, political and social, 1830- 1860 Chapter XXV. Transportaion, 1830-1860 Chapter XXVI. Slavery and secession Chapter XXVII. Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1861 Chapter XXVIII. Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1862 Chapter XXIX. Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1863 Chapter XXX. Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1864 Chapter XXXI. Williamsburg, C. S. A. 1865 Chapter XXXII. Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1865 Chapter XXXIII. Reconstruction Chapter XXXIV. Another Williamsburg Chapter XXXV. Public education since 1880 Chapter XXXVI. Religious denominations, 1865-1923 Chapter XXXVII. Banking in Williamsburg Chapter XXXVIII. Throbbing war drums call Chapter XXXIX. Many things Chapter XL. General progress Index

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