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History Of Wilmington Delaware On CD

History Of Wilmington Delaware On CD

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History of Wilmington : the commercial, social and religious growth of the city during the past century : embracing a record of its churches, public schools, public buildings, parks, residences, manufacturing industries, charitable institutions, its political history, municipal government, literature, amusements, etc. New York: Press of Moss Engraving Co., 1894, 313 pgs. Chapter I. First period in the history of the Wilmington of the past... Chapter II. Beginning of the second period of the city's existence... Chapter III. Commencement of the development of the town... Chapter IV. Records of the proceedings of the Burgesses... Chapter V. Beginning of the nineteenth century in Wilmington... Chapter VI. The first mills in the city limits... Chapter VII. Retrospect of history... Chapter VIII. Beginning of the third period or century of the city... Chapter IX. What has been done in the building of vessels... Chapter X. Fron the Civil War to the close of the first half century of the third period in the history of the city... Chapter XI. Introduction... Chapter XII. The people of Wilmington... Chapter XIII. Wilmington as a port... Chapter XIV. Monetary affairs of Wilmington... Chapter XV. The food supply Chapter XVI. City Government Chapter XVII. The courts of justice Chapter XVIII. The Board of Trade... Chapter XIX. Wilmington politically... Chapter XX. New construction... Chapter XXI. The schools of Wilmington... Chapter XXII. The churches of Wilmington... Chapter XXIII. The free library... Chapter XXIV. Artist of Wilmington... Chapter XXV. Orders and beneficial societies... Chapter XXVI. Newspapers and periodicals... Chapter XXVII. Delaware at the World's Fair... Biographical General biographical Index of illustrations Index to biographies

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