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History Of Yolo County, California On CD

History Of Yolo County, California On CD

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Gregory, Tom. History of Yolo County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county, who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present Los Angeles, Calif.: Historic Record Company, 1913, 899 pgs. Chapter I: History of Yolo county Chapter II: Through a slumber period Chapter III: A mild land - a mild Indian Chapter IV: The fair Amazon California Chapter V: Spain mothered her simple people Chapter VI: Alta California drifts to the gringo Chapter VII: From San Diego to Yolo Chapter VIII: Early times in Tule town Chapter IX: Recruiting the Bear Flag Party Chapter X: Jonas Spect and his river metropolis Chapter XI: Mapping the Tule county Chapter XII: Settling along the big river Chapter XIII: When the mustang galloped out of the twilight Chapter XIV: The passing of Fremont Chapter XV: Planting the Yolo Valley settlements Chapter XVI: Jerome Davis and Davisville Chapter XVII: Yolo County's splendid promise Chapter XVIII: Commercial history of Yolo County Chapter XIX: Fremont Chapter XX: Washington Chapter XXI: Woodland Chapter XXII: Woodland becomes the county seat Chapter XXIII: Other early enterprises Chapter XXIV: A period of depression Chapter XXV: A period of disaster Chapter XXVI: A period of marked activity Chapter XXVII: Officers of the city of Woodland and of the county and state Chapter XXVIII: Schools of Yolo County Chapter XXIX: The Catholic church in Yolo County Chapter XXX: Temperance movement in Yolo County Chapter XXXI: Woodland library and women's clubs Biographical

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