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In The Land Of Breathitt (Kentucky) On CD

In The Land Of Breathitt (Kentucky) On CD

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Anonymous In the land of Breathitt Northport, N.Y.: Bacon, Percy & Daggett, 1941, 199 pgs. Missing page 42.... Title page Front matter Part I. The general backround. In the land of Breathitt Non-Indexed Pages #1 Part I. Land sculpture Part I. Natural resources and economic development Part I. First travelers Part I. First settlers Part I. Establishment of the county and its early government Part I. The early feuds of "Bloody Breathitt" Part I. Jackson today Part I. The history of Jackson Back matter Part I. "Book-Larnin'" to education Part I. "Meetin'-House" to church Part II. Points of interest. Points of interest in Jackson and environs Part II. Points of interest in the county General index

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